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Violet Evergarden Movie : A Leap in the Slice of Life Genre !!

Violet Evergarden movie is literally the burning topic of the moment. After the trailer being released not so long ago, every anime enthusiast has found it difficult to ignore the violet Evergarden project anymore.

After getting unbound love and support after the original work, Kyoto Animation Studio paves the way for Violet Evergarden Movie late this Year. ON September 18th 2020, Kyoto Animation Studio released Gekijouban Violet Evergarden. This Fumed and Hyped the heck out of the Kyoto stans.

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~~ Violet Evergarden Movie: The Synopsis ~~

Following the time frame at the end of season 1, several years have passed since the Great War had ended. The war entitled unbound losses and unimaginable expression of emotions. As the time has drafted too far too soon, ‘Auto Memory Dolls’ are soon to become feeble in demand. With ever-growing technological advancements and radio towers being built, the business seems to be doomed in near future.

Nevertheless, Violet strives hard to deliver the letters she writes and delivers them. To places that seems unreachable for the most. With her never-ending streak of letters and feelings being delivered, violet still retains her fame in these times.

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Violet follows her emotion and feelings and tries to find out the true essence of the last few words major left to her. In search of the true meaning of love, violet stretches far and wide and hopes to search for the major after many years have passed from that incident.

~~ Unending streak of Emotions ~~

Kyoto animation is well known for their undying and seamlessly beautiful animation. Despite the animation being jaw dropping, the one thing that takes away the charm is the story indeed. The story follows emotionally strong essence of love and the meaning behind it.

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Violet sets on a journey to find the true meaning of love, and to deliver her overpowering emotions to the one who conveyed the words of love for her. Finally after understanding the emotional gravity of the situation, Violet wishes to see the Major Once again. Major was declared dead in the Great War, but his corpse is yet to be found.

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With this vague interpretation of the situation and immense feeling of despair, violet Evergarden movie sets the mood for anyone to cry oceans. Follow the great story of Violet and how she handles the emotional burden when she finally understand the words of a person who was long declared dead. This movie will make you indulge in the slice of life essence to the fullest and make you cry buckets.

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