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Tsunade , The 106 CM Beauty That Will *Melt* Away any Otaku’s Rigidity !

Tsunade , The Fifth Hokage , and the most interesting female character ,who even bests Hinata in terms of proportions , is the main highlight of this article. Tsunade being the only granddaughter of Hashirama Senju , who is like the most Badass guy in the Naruto universe.


Even though Hashirama Senju is dead , most Naruto progressions revolves around Hashirama cells . So , being the only grand-daughter of a person who is literally running the whole show from long back . This makes Tsunade , one of the most promising Character in The Naruto Universe.


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~~ The Existence of an Unwanted Being~~

Naruto was deemed as an evil existence , The very incarnation of a demon. Naruto had a rough past . He never saw his parent’s face whilst growing up. There was literally no one in the town who whole heartedly loved or even cared for Naruto.


All this time , Tsunade was out of the Konohagakure . But , Naruto kept on growing , under the dark gaze of villagers. When Naruto turned 12 , he was bestowed the title of ‘Ninja’ or ‘Shinobi’ by the San-daime Hokage .

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‘San ‘ in Japanese means ‘three’ and ‘daime’ means position . so san-daime literally means Third. The Third Hokage was the direct blood relative of Hashirama Senju and Tobirama . The third Hokage took care of Naruto all long , from the shadows. And near his retirement , he passed on the ‘ Will Of Fire’ to Tsunade.

~~The ‘Unwanted Being’ Changed Everything ~~

Naruto , with his duo consisting of Jiraiya Sensei , departs on a journey to find and crown Tsunade as the Fifth Hokage. There they encounter Tsunade , in her worst possible condition.


In the past , Tsunade incurred great losses in form of her lover and her little brother. Tsunade restrained her from the outside Shinobi World , and took oath , to never return to that world.

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She continued her life as a medic . Tsunade Became a medic and was said to be able to cure any disease on Earth . Naruto’s exchange of words and actions changed Tsunade’s entire timeline.


Tsunade saw her dead brother’s ‘Spirit’ and ‘Will Of Fire’ in Naruto’s Heart. This Unwanted Human being , a despicable existence , whom no one ever asked to exist , was the one and only reason behind Tsunade Becoming the Hokage. The dead will and forgotten desires were once again surfaced by our boy Naruto.

~~Tsunade: The Best Girl~~

In her Hiatus period , Tsunade was so despicable , that even a single sight of her , made my guts go sore. But , after she inherited the title of ‘Go-daime Hokage’ , which literally translates to Fifth Hokage , She was the only person who showed Blind Faith in Naruto .


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This one fact was enough for me to forget all her past actions , and become her full time Otaku . This 106CM beauty , was the center of attraction for the most time during the Naruto Shippuden Arc.

She was Crowned as the fan favorite character in late 2012s alongside Sakura. Tsunade was one crucial character alongside Jiraiya Sensei , who lead Naruto to his greatness along with the Naruto Shippuden Anime itself.

~~ The ‘All – Dependable’ Tsunade ~~

In Her prime Tsunade was one of the three well renowned ‘Sannins’ . The Sannins included Jiraiya sensei , Tsunade and Orochimaru. Tsunade was a well known Kunoichi . She even mastered in Healing justsu , which made her highly dependable character.

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Tsunade is the only person in Naruto universe to have obtained ‘Byakuya’ . However , Tsunade passes this jutsu , to Sakura , making Sakura the only second person to learn this technique. But , I can speculate Sarada to gain this technique In future, making her the third to possess this technique.


Byakuya is a technique of Thousand healing and is said to cure you from death for 1000 times. This literally makes a person immortal . This makes Byakuya a thing , which would mean Heavens for someone to possess . However , possessing byakuya is not a simple and destined process . It literally requires training to death to gain immortality.

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~~The Verdict~~

Tsunade is one and only *106* in Anime . However we have Hinata with *105* which makes her a good competitor . But Hinata is the wife of Naruto . This Provides a lot of respect and love from audience towards Hinata.


Tsunade is the only prominent character with beauty and brawls . She will surely Melt away every Otaku’s Heart. She’s literally the Female Gojo Satoru , if that makes any sense.

This Was Aarima , We are Animastic and you are fantastic. See you soon and till then Sayonara!!

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