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Top 9 Most Disturbing Anime Scenes That You Can Never Unsee

Anime packed with pool of blood and most disturbing anime scenes delivers the different kind of kick. Sometimes they are so intense that you want to unsee it but you can’t.

Gruesome anime with eye gauging out, guts splashing and lot of bloody scenes gives me chill as well as equally enthralling and exciting.

So here are top of most disturbing anime scenes that the teenager below 17 should avoid.

Let’s start our list:

9. Ken Kaneki’s torture (Tokyo Ghoul)

Tokyo Ghoul impressed everyone with its character and storyline but the dark scenes it delivers at the time was surpasses the other two.

When Kaneki is tortured at the end of the first season was quite dark and horrific. You might throw up but its of course, enough worthy to be mentioned here.

8. Eren Yeager’s Mother Eaten By a Titan (Attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan another anime who has amazing action and power plot.

Though this anime has some cruel deaths but the most horrific and shocking death was the protagonist’s mom.

Carla (Eren’s Mom) was broken into two and was eaten, we might never forget that, but the heartbreaking part was that Eren couldn’t help her.

7. Gruesome Death (Blood C)

Blood C is one of the dark and gruesome anime till date. As the name suggests, this anime stand up to its reputation.

The deaths shown in this anime you wouldn’t even wish on your enemies. The whole series is about killing like a machine.

You can even pick any scenes from this anime that can be disturbing according to you.

6. Climax (School Days)

School days is a harem anime with the terrible climax.

When the Sekai founds that her boyfriend Makoto, is cheating on her she cuts of his heads with the kitchen knife.

Makoto paid the price for hurting Sekai’s feeling with the cost of his life.

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5. Every Death (Another)

Another is the anime where the students meet with their ends by bizarre accidents.

Its like watching Final Destination, every death has a unique element and set up leading to gruesome deaths.

It can be seen as the unknown force is causing the complicated series of deaths.

4. Sacrifice of Band of Hawk (Berserk)

Berserk anime contained the exploit and violent scenes, brutal deaths putting it under the dark anime category.

The main revenge of the Guts was the Sacrifice of Band of Hawk. The sole purpose of the Guts life is to avenge his comrades who was sacrificed by Griffith.

If you go deeper into this anime you would find it extremely ugly and disgusting.

3. Massacre of Everyone in Classroom (Deadman Wonderland)

The first episode of Deadman Wonderland was the perfect fit for the title “Most Disturbing Anime Scenes”.

The whole class was massacre before protagonist, all the blame was pushed on him and was proved guilty as a token of friendship.

And that was the start of bloody game of the underaged children.

2. Death of Lucy’s Puppy (Elfen Lied)

Elfen Lied is a tragic anime full of nudity, violence and blood.

Lucy was a subject to bullying that lead the bully to her dog and was kicked to death. The death of her tiny puppy was the trigger for her to become a murderer.

The brutal action was carried out by children which is quite disturbing and hard to swallow.

1. Nina Tucker is turned into Chimera (Fullmetal Alchemist)

When the loving and caring Nina was turned into Chimera by her own father was the peak of cruelty and inhumanity.

This scene broke the internet and was quite painful and hurtful to see.

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