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Top 9 Best Anime About Dragons That You Must Definitely Checkout !!!

Anime about dragons are the most used genre now a days. In anime community it is quite popular too.

The fire breathing giant, undefeatable yet the power to be feared, most tough creature, dragons surely know how to win people hearts and so this list present the anime about dragons.

Here are the top anime about dragons you should definitely checkout.

9. Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki

anime about dragons

I recommend this anime to the weeb who is 17+. This anime content some disturbing element which might affect you, so watch it on your own risk.

And the plot was pretty cliché though binds you to your seat and let you enjoy the episode after episode.

The story is set in the future where Nil Kamui island is fighting for its independence.

8. Dragon Drive

anime about dragons

Dragon Drive is based on video game called Dragon Drive.

In this game dragon are assigned to the players with the ability of players. and they both have to work together to stop the shadowy organization from using Dragon Drive for the wrong reasons.

And believe me this is a good anime.

7. Dragon Half

dragon half

Dragon half is based on comedy and fantasy genre.

The story follows a female dragon, Mink who falls in love with a dragon slayer, Saucer and her journey to become human.

Can she finally complete her quest of becoming human? You can only find out by watching this anime.

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6. The Dragon Dentist

dragon dentist

The plot of this anime revolves around Nonoko who is dentist in a dragon country. She once found Bell laying unconscious by the side of Dragon Tooth. Now Nonoko and Bell has to fight side by side with the dragons to protect them.

This anime about dragons have some seriously amazing action and fight scenes.

A good show to checkout.

5. Dragonaut – The Resonance

anime about dragons

This anime is about dragons and space and their adventures.

The show was immensely shown about the dragon and featured some great action with amazing cinematography.

4. Dragonar Academy

anime about dragons

This adult anime is kind of in its league. The action and comedy is good and is doped with ecchi element.

The story follows the Ash Blake who is called as problem child by his classmates and his dragon mate who appeared after a long time is a girl.

We can see lot of twist and crisp relation between these two pair.

3. Record of Lodoss War

anime about dragons

The fine definition of anime about dragon. The anime is a bit old but worth the shot.

A group of adventures set on a journey to lift the curse that has been fallen on their land. The Mc is considered to be a disgrace knight who wants to prove himself and clear his name.

This anime is fun to watch.

2. Dragon Ball


Okay. I don’t think this anime needs an introduction. This fantasy anime is known for its crazy franchise as well as its great action and fight scenes.

This anime is about collecting dragon balls to grant Goku’s greatest desire. He make sfriends and foes in his journey.

I know you all have already seen this anime, if you haven’t then you should watch it.

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1. Blue Dragon

blue dragon

This action based anime hit differently when you’re in love with dragons. I personally felt this anime should be at the top of the list.

Blue Dragon is portrayed the story of Shu whose village is in danger. Together with his friend he decided to protect his village. He got the most powerful monster: Blue dragon.

Do watch this anime.

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