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Top 5 Volleyball Anime Series You Should Definitely Give It A Look !!

The sports anime genre is quite popular among other categories. I personally like the this genre and when we narrow it down, you will get the volleyball anime as one of the famous sport.

So in this list we cover the volleyball anime as the main treat to our eyes. Though there are not bunch of anime showing volleyball but we found some interesting shows to watch.

Without further adieu lets start our volleyball anime list:

5. Attacker You!

This anime is follows a girl who move to Tokyo from Osaka to live with her father. You Hazaki is very passionate and enthusiastic about volleyball.

Mixed with a pinch of romance and comedy, this anime presents the best game of volleyball. The arch rivalry shown in this anime is top notch.

Give this anime a shot! You won’t regret it.

4. Harukana Receive

Very similar to the above anime despite being played on the beach.

Harukana Receive is about a girl Haruka Oozora and her cousin Narumi Tooi who learns to depend on each other while playing beach volleyball.

Their relation also grows from every game they play together.

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3. Ashita e Attack

Ashita e Attack is about the recently form volleyball team who aims to win the National High School Volleyball League.

Though the sight is far from reach but the girls endeavors and hardship is worth watching and how they tackle every problem with courage.

Through Volleyball, these girls learn life lesson too.

2. 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team

This new Volleyball Anime is released in January, 2021.

The story follows Kimichika Haijima who returns to his old city and met up with his childhood friend Yuni Kuroba. On the account of various events both decided to go to nationals.

The animation and plot is kind of amazing. You should have a look!

1. Haikyuu!

This masterpiece needs no introduction. If you’re into anime you might have heard about Haikyuu! The God of Sports anime.

Haikyuu! shows the journey of Karasuno a volleyball team when Kageyama and Hinata joined this team and achieve various goals in the process.

You can see there aren’t ton of Volleyball anime out there, but this one anime rules the sports anime. Happy Watching!

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