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Top 5 Anime Blogs That You Should Definitely Checkout !

Wondering which anime blogs to visit and to learn about upcoming anime news and anime events? Well, then you have landed on the right article. Anime is not just an animation now, it become a part of your daily lives, from watching all the show to reading all the manga’s. Its a large pool to dive in. It influences you in so many ways and you just don’t get tired of it. It’s differ from cartoon’s that you were watching from childhood. It has great animation, different styles, micro details and plot. And all you can know about from the anime blogs mentioned below.

Anime News Network

Anime blogs

Its one of the most popular sites on Anime niche if you are a animastic being then , surely you might have come across this site at least once, if not then I guess ….. you surely should …..

  • Supplies you with the latest anime news , like releases , modern techniques adopted in creation of anime .
  • Very diverse categories , makes it a good place for newbies to explore.
  • Vast content on the Anime Industry itself , you’ll get to know to about the artists , studios, technologies involved behind creation of your favorite anime series
  • Daily updates which make it even more desirable
  • Subscription Service also available

Tokyo Otaku Mode

Tokyo Otaku Mode

Another great place for Anime lovers , one of my personal favorite it a must if you are a anime being or planning to start a blog on anime , great place to draw inspiration from

  • There content on Anime Art and Japanese anime creation is just truly phenomenal and worth of your time
  • Latest News on Creators , Art and Releases are surely to be found, unquestionably
  • Also if you are fan of Anime Accessories then its , probably the best place for you , you can check there Merchandise for that .
  • Regularly updated content
  • Subscription service available

Wrong Every Time

wrong every time

First thing about the site that will cross your mind is …. Is this a anime blogs !!! . I know the name is little weird, but trust me the content is very gripping

  • Substantial content primarily Review based filled with tons of critiques and opinions primarily of Japanese anime
  • Writer is very honest about his reviews and has opinions which you can truly relate from your experience
  • Articles are Detailed and have in-depth analysis

Anime Science 101

Anime Science

If you love Anime and also love Science …..BOOM….. then this is the place for you pal …Don’t Miss it

  • Articles involve explanation of scientific concepts applied in Japanese Anime, which surely will amuse your mind.
  • Various Scientific principles used in anime are elaborated which are under categories such as Chemistry, Biology, , Physics, Astronomy and Space. 
  • You can use this blog to make your Entertainment a way of Education ….. I know that sounds cool 🙂

Little Anime Blog

little Anime blog

If you love serious Dramatic Anime then this is the right place place for you …

  • Articles are focused on serious themes that makes use of the art of anime to tell a story.
  • Contents have Sentimental touch…. great for those who have thirst for emotional touch
  • Apart from Fun and Art in anime it reflects the other elements that need to be explored

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