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Top 10 Most Popular Cars In Anime

Cars in Anime is also quite popular and gave a pretty wild ride to its fans. There’s no question that whenever it comes to cars, anime doesn’t fall behind.

Some of the vehicles just snatched the spot light all to itself while others just played the important role in supporting the plot.

It can be symbol of anything and everything like, home, , journey etc. So, let’s gear up and start our top 10 list of cool cars in anime.

10. The Bepop (Cowboy Bepop)

Starting off the list with The Bepop featured in Cowboy Bepop.

For a group of travelers across the stars, it is a fine place to return to and take a break allowing them to see each other.

9. Takumi’s AE86 (Initial D)

This anime is based on different vehicles used in illegal street racing among which Takumi’s AE86 got the all the spotlight.

This is definitely not the fancy car but became the legend and laid its foundation in Japan.

8. The Thousand Sunny (One Piece)

Coming onto the fantasy, The Thousand Sunny is the dream ship of many pirates want, to take care and even better to live on that ship forever.

This ship got it all, furniture, kitchen, aquarium, and library. A heaven in form of ship.

7. The Catbus (My Neighbour Totoro)

The Catbus featured in My Neighbor Totoro s is the fast running, furry vehicle that helped its passenger to find their way back to home.

It is fine vehicle with legs instead of wheels and always rolling, better way of transportation.

Its just look kind of weird running along the other normal buses.

6. The Aloha Oe (Space Dandy)

On Par with the Bepop, The Aloha Oe is not taken as seriously as The Bepop because it doesn’t own the residential ship of the space adventurers.

It is made out of the world vehicle which has seen through enough, zaniness, giant robot, fuel tank polluted with junk food etc.

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5. Gundams (Gundam Series)

A giant robot, who doesn’t want to ride that?

Whether its piloting, playing or modelling, a giant robot are considered to be everything in the future world of Japan.

This series has great action, immense plot and immaculate animation.

4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Gurren Lagann)

Well, Tengen Toppa can surely compete with the Gundams, the similar feeling is obtained from the the anime.

Heartfelt adventures, awesome fight scenes, immaculate animation, perfect soundtrack and much more.

A must watch series.

3. Trans AM 20000 WR (Redline)

This anime focuses on a race car driver looking to reclaim his dream, as he enters one of the most high octane and dangerous races ever to annoy anyone with hearing problems.

Where as Mc also drives one of the coolest car ever Trans AM 20000 WR, which might get you into racing.

2. Doraemon’s Time Machine (Doraemon)

Did you ever wanted to go back into past or into future and undo the regrets you have?

Its not exactly you can do with the Doraemon’s Time Machine, but surely you can travel in time, be it past or future.

This Japan’s Robot has a variety of gadget that will make your dreams come true if utilized properly. It can make you or it can break you.

A fair example of the fine vehicle.

1. The Flying Nimbus (Dragon Ball)

On the First position we have, The Flying Nimbus from the one of the know franchise, Dragon Ball.

I personally want to drive this. It is the main transporting cloud in Dragon ball used mostly by Goku, savior of earth.

Its needs to be on the top list.

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