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Tomb Raider King , A Manga on the footsteps of Solo Levelling !!

Solo Levelling was one of its kind manga. With never-ending emotional connections to jaw dropping fight sequences and from nothingness to superiority. Solo levelling marked the beginning of an era, which inspired a lot of other manga authors to recreate this masterpiece. Some managed to rip it off completely while others just brushed past the surface. Tomb Raider King does lie on the footsteps of Solo Levelling.

Tomb Raider King


Although the story is unique and the concepts are pretty much farfetched yet Well-studied , Tomb Raider king manages to leave anyone in an awe. From ground breaking developments to somethings unprecedented and shocking , Tomb Raider King has it all. The character design and developments very much resemble Sung Woon from Solo Levelling , but the story board is indeed Unique.

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~~ Tomb Raider King: The Synopsis ~~

Its very clear from the pretext , that this manga is not much unique on the basic framework. The framework and story board, very much ,resembles Solo Levelling. The main character is shown to be a raider, who raids TOMBS and steal ARTIFACTS for his boss.

But one unfortunate day , fearing his qualities , the boss sets him up in a Dungeon where he experiences near death experience. On the Last few breaths , Our Main Character Seo Juu Hyeon , cries out in despair . Hearing His call , a Crow shows up , and grants him a RESTART of his life.

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Juu Hyeon is sent 15 years in past , where Tombs and Artifacts were yet to be discovered. Then He starts a new life with all the previous knowledge , and shapes his life as he always wanted .

The crow has a deeper meaning in this story. Later , its found that the Crow is an Artifact in itself , which was being held Prisoner in that particular TOMB. The crow had a certain past , which was shown very clearly in future developments. The Crow disobeyed and strayed from the Common ‘Artifact Union’ or some internal organisation which managed the artifacts. Due to this , the incident was marked as Treason and Crow was detained in a prison under the charge of Treason. But , Hearing the plea of Seo Juu Hyeon , the crow was revived ,and a part of it’s soul merged with Seo Juu Hyeon , to provide him this new beginning.

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~~ Tombs?? Artifacts?? What the Facts? ~~

Well, simply speaking the TOMBS are the places that hosts the artifacts. Every Tomb has scriptures and writing on the walls in a certain language. This Scriptures and Writings paved way towards the entrance of the TOMB , and even specifies how to clear the TOMB. The person entering the TOMB have to undergo Trials, after he/she successfully clears the trial, the artifact shows up. Then the person can attain the following Artifact. 

The Artifacts are like the hidden treasures. It’s ironic, because no one knows where the treasure is, but everyone knows where the treasure is! This Barbaric reasoning in the story telling part, makes it much more intriguing and immersive. The artifacts are reincarnation of superhuman powers from the past. Their origin is well versed and diverse. Ranging from Egyptian to Greek to Indian mythology. The Artifacts will follow the abilities of Figures that they are named after.

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This part is indeed very neat, as there went a lot of time and effort to study the history and mythology to bring up creative artifacts. The amount of creativity included is really out of this world. Every new artifact introduces the viewer to its origin. The origin is very greatly explained. There are mythical figures like Thor, Zeus, Indra, etc and even some mortal legends like Beethoven and Mozart. This amount of effort is really a once-in-a-decade thing.

~~ Where the story takes Us? ~~

Now that our main character is 15 years back in time, he knows all the near future developments. These incidents changes with the story board considering the ‘Grandfather Paradox’. With the prior knowledge about his killer, Seo Juu Hyeon sets a journey to take revenge and also to become the Tomb Raider King. As our MC retains all the prior knowledge of 15 years, his body and muscular build is also retained.

With this new life, he starts collecting useful artifacts One-By-one and starts a Raiding Organization of his Own. Forming a proper ‘Guild’, Seo juu Hyeon, then seeks out revenge in many numerous ways, till the opponent suffered huge losses.

This story of revenge is, although predictable, but unprecedented. The Changes brought in by seo Juu hyeon changes the timeline with every new choice he makes. This sets up a new timeline, and a totally different story from what was expected. The story is predictable to a few chapters, but after the marked chapter, everything becomes unprecedented, leaving the viewer in an awe. This creates a new reader experience, for the readers who are fed up from usual MANHWA stuffs.

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~~ A cheap copy or a Masterpiece? ~~

The basic framework and story board is very reminiscent of Solo levelling. The idea of TOMBS very much resembles the DUNGEONS and Artifacts, very much resembles the Treasures. Just like sung jin woon, the main character was weak and practically impaired at first. But, under few fateful incidents, comes out as a total Badass. Even though solo levelling was the oldest and most esteemed manga till date, the features taken up by Tomb Raider King Can’t be stated as a Copy upstart.

The idea of Tomb Raider King being a story of Revenge sets it apart from Solo levelling. The amount of hard work and study that went into making this manga is really great. Whatever the outcome maybe, the never-ending sequences of fights and despair makes it a notch above solo levelling. The character design is very similar yet different. The subtle changes make Tomb Raider King a notch above the rest.

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Well, yes, it’s the same fundamental framework. But, calling it a straight up copy would be overstatement. The manga is unique on the story board, and that’s enough to set it apart from the other competitors.

We are Animastic , you are fantastic ! see you some time soon , till then Sayonara.

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