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The Manga Attack On Titans : A Deep BLOW to AOT Fans’s Hearts !!!

The Manga Attack on Titans came to a conclusion with it’s final volume. The entirety of Manga Attack on Titans was filled with twists and turns . As a result , The manga had a great impact on every reader’s Mind.


The manga had different impressions and otakus had different perspectives towards the Manga Attack on Titans. The final volume packed a decent ending for some . and for some it was sheer disappointment .

Hajime isayama believed that he knew the story’s end , even before the manga was published . So, all in all the manga is banger for some and for some , it’s a sheer disappointment.

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~~ Story Theory : AOT’s Glory ! ~~

Manga Attack on Titan was first published Eleven years ago from the current date . It’s a coincidence yet a sheer luck that the mangaka never ran out of ideas. Mangaka of Manga Attack on Titan , Hajime Isayama made a miracle out of nothing , but just an idea .

The manga attack on titan revolves around a very basic idea “ You either die early as a hero , or live long enough to see yourself become the villain !“


The Manga revolves around our main character Eren Yaeger. Eren was a victim of ‘Titan incident’ . A titan is a humongous creature capable of ruining a complete town . Howsoever destructive may the origin of titans may be , Manga attack on titans sure maintains the space for ‘suspense’ .

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The place where Eren resides is an island . This island is named as Paradis Islands. The Paradis islands is however divided into three more sections . All the sections are divided by walls. The Three walls which separate the lands are Wall Maria , Wall Rose and Wall Shina .

Manga Attack on Titans : The Three Walls

Although the island is a common place for it’s residents , there sure exists the Refuge system between the walls. One Day , the unbreakable wall is raided by titans . A new sort of titan which is big enough to overrule the height of the wall.

This titan is called ‘ Colossal Titan’ in Manga attack on titans . And that was the point of No-Return For Manga Attack On Titans .

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~~ The Story So Far , Far so Long! ~~

The Manga Attack on Titans made major developments in regards to the storyboard . The manga itself went through crazy plot twists and major sacrifices . The manga highlights the death of individuals who pose not much for initial story , but their presence in long run was necessary .

The storyboard of Manga Attack on Titans packs in many major emotional moments and critical turns. There were a lot of confusion and dilemma amongst the viewers. but the manga still manages to amaze with every other chapter.

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The story however takes a greater turn when Eren declares ,anyone other than Paradis’ residents , are his enemy. Eren gains over the Founding Titan , Hammer Titan , Attack Titan and finally gains control over Zeke.

Zeke Yaeger plays an important role in the manga attack on titans . His actions were questionable in the beginning , but were for a greater cause . Eren Yaeger , after gaining power over ‘Coordinate’ wages a war against the world.

With the help of Thousands of colossal titans of the Walls, Eren initiates the ‘RUMBLING’. Justifying his actions would be pretty hard . The rumbling killed a lot of people , and their deaths were shown as grim as it can be.

~~ The Worst For The better ~~

In the final arc in Manga Attack On Titans , Eren plays the bad guy role. But , there’s a plot twist here too. Eren plays as a villain so that his friends from Paradis can play the Hero Role.

The Paradis in manga attack on titans is shown to be discriminated. Even the natives living abroad are shown to live in grim conditions due to Racism. And to end this racism , Eren starts this whole WAR.

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There were lot of sacrifices , some necessary , some maybe not. Mere kids , not knowing their reason of death , being crushed to dust . well , the situation is full of gore and pretty much unbearable for kids .

The manga may not have ended as I wanted . And Its not just me , there is a crowd ton of people who disagree with this sort of ending.

But , at the end of the day , we have to realize what the mangaka wanted to convey with the manga attack on titans. Hajime Isayama is now a well versed name in the Manga History , Thank you Hajime Isayama !

Okay , This was Aarima , we are Animastic and you are fantastic!!! See you in other article , till then Sayonara !

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