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The Beginning After The End Manga – A Manga In A League Of It’s Own !!

The Beginning After The End Manga , pretty much progresses the way , implied by the title itself . Why am I declaring this as a manga in a ‘league of its own’ ?

Have I not read stuffs like Tower of God , Solo levelling or God of Highschool ? Am I such novice that I can’t differentiate between what’s par , and what’s above par? 0

Well the answer of all these question are not that simple. so let’s jump straight into The Beginning After The End manga. and related   facts and compare it with the rest of the manga(s) out there in the popular Manga list.

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So The Beginning After The End manga starts with the End . The end of the main character named King Grey . King Grey feels drizzly and kind-of sore down the abdominal . Later he assures himself about the fact that he is poisoned


King Grey , as the name suggests , was a king . So it’s totally natural for some people to hold grudge and go after his life. And  then the drug effect kicks in and king grey loses light from his eyes and probably goes to a deep slumber .


In his slumber he accepts death and moves forward to the path of afterlife . At the end of the path , a bright light shines upon his eyes and the next thing he knows , is that he is a newly born baby in some boonies out far from The Central .

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But even though he is just born , he still possesses the knowledge and wisdom of a full grown king . He quickly understands the situation he is in and starts living a meaningful life.

In The Beginning after the End Manga ,  the Main Character (Arthur) in his previous life , manipulated a human life force called ‘KI’ and gathered strength to slash the enemies and stood victorious .

Similarily , there’s a different phenomenon known as ‘MANA’ which people utilise and use as their strength to win fights .

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~ Classification Of the Classified ~

Now There’s two classification of people manipulating MANA in The Beginning after the End Manga . First is an Augmenter and second is Conjurer .


Well the difference is quite small , apart from basic similarities the only difference is that Conjurer infuses the mana present inside human core and brings out power .


Whereas the Augmenter uses the mana in the nature to boost his / her physical or mana related reserves .

The Conjurer type is shown more benefiting and have been showed like a greater capability in The Beginning after the End Manga.

The mana core is divided into 6 categories. Namely 1.Black 2.Red 3.Orange 4.Yellow 5.Silver and finally 6.white . Ranging in an order from dark to light . However these are further divided into 3 more stages Dark , Solid and light.

Amongst the Conjurers , there are 4 basic elements that can be conjured . Fire , Water , Wind and Earth ( or Rock ) . When a human learns to manipulate all of the above , They unlocks the possibility of Four other special conjure , namely Ice , Gravity , Sound and Lightening . and guess what our main character grows up to master all of these.


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~ Spice up the story ~

To spice the things up in The Beginning after the End Manga , The Main character develops his mana core before age 3. Further, faces a tragedy at age 5 or so , and is separated from family and meets a special creature when he wakes up and gains consciousness.


This special creature is then found out to be a Dragon . However there may exist a MANA beast or magic beast but a dragon is long expected to be extinct and an encounter with a dragon is quite a miracle in itself .

This dragon then teaches Arthur (Main character) all sorts of Mana reservation and mana manipulation techniques which it knew and after like 6 months or so , helps him teleport to an elven land . However the cost of teleportation was the dragon’s life , and while teleporting , she passes   her BEAST WILL inside Arthur .

~ What is Beast Will ? ~

As every human possess a core known as solar plexus , similarly in The Beginning after the End Manga , every mana beast possess a core , known as beast core .

Now if a beast passes his beast core upon a human , this core merges with the human core and forms the beast will. And having a beast will allows a human to surpass human constraints and barrier and even adapt the features and qualities of the beast’s Will.

Arthur learned to tame his beast   and gathered the control over beast will under guidance of his master in the elven empire , Arthur’s Master has a Phantom Beast’s Will . With shadow characteristics.


And then he finally returns to his family after 3 years and reunites with them . and the story further progresses and Arthur masters other aspects related to MANA on the future developments.

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~ What’s So Special ? ~

Well , There’s plenty of reasons for this to be different from any other famous and grossing manga(s). The main aspect being the main plotline.

The story of The Beginning after the End Manga doesn’t involve any crazy Isekai thing like Subaru from RE: Zero. The main character is not born with any latent prowess Like Gojo Satoru of Jujutsu Kaisen .


There is no Harem of beautiful girls like Highschool DxD . He’s not fighting against the gods However being one was never an option Unlike JIn Mori from God Of HIghschool  or A suspicious Dungeon which makes you super bad ass powerful as in case of Sung Jin Woo from Solo Levelling.

The Beginning after the End Manga may seem very very Organic in the aspects of story   developments , but the fields concerning MANA and KI and Magic manipulations are no joke.

These are so well illustrated that anyone will fall in love with this manga from the get go ! It has all the aspects of KI related attributes , MANA related attributes like mana condensation , mana Zone ,etc. and also magical attributes such as The four elemental magic and further greater classifications that we talked in above section(s).


~ The Verdict ~

The main reason(s) of The Beginning after the End Manga being so overpowered is because its not even decided that how the story will progress.

As I mentioned before Arthur was a king , and then was poisoned to death by some grudge-holders . and then he reincarnated into a new life with all his previous consciousness. And in the latest chapters there’s a discovery of new land which remained unknown till now . So it’s a complete mystery how the story will progress.

So, is this a Manga about King Grey’s revenge? Is this a Manga that’s sort of ripoff of all famous manga(s) ? Is this just another manga with crazy artwork but uncertain story ?

Answers to such question are subject to future developments. So all we can do is to wait and see what’s the Manga has to offer. But , with all due consideration with other manga(s) , The Beginning after the End Manga is just in a league of it’s own.


So that was it guys , this was aarima , we are Animistic and you are fantastic , see you soon !

Till then , Sayonara !

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