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The Anime Your Name Movie : An Evergreen Masterpiece !

Your Name (2016) also named Kimi No Nawa , was the most aesthetic and visually pleasing anime with a story that pleased viewers of every generation. The Japanese Anime Your Name Movie was a sensation that shook the US box office collection in 2016 .


The Anime Your name Movie broke the Supremacy set by Spirited Away . Makoto Shinkai D.O.P Your Name , emphasizes over the story of youth .

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A Youth Full of mysteries and untold secrets . The Anime Your Name Movie proved to please every teen’s heart , as it focuses on a very unique and interest piqued topic ‘Romance Separated By Time’.

~~ STORY THEORY : The Secret Behind Glory! ~~

Your Name Movie , focuses and magnifies the difference in life style experienced by Rural and Urban Lifestyles with the help of a Romantic Comedy . The Screenplay is rather unique , and the storyboard is specifically for an age bracket of 20 and above. The Anime Your Name Movie has a rather simple and well defined cast. The male lead , is named as Tachibana Taki .


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And this male lead is shown as the ‘Best boy’ amongst the rest . the daily lifestyle of a Tokyo resident is showed pretty Accurately. The day schedule is tight and rather intriguing for anyone who is unfamiliar with struggles of Urban residents. On the other side of the coin we have The female lead , Miyamizu Mitsuha . However both lives are quite the opposite , the effort to group them together in a single frame is pretty nicely choreographed .

Its not everyday we see such masterpiece . The Anime Your Name Movie is the epitome of perfection on the grounds of Animation , story telling , story board and the Narration followed by direction. Flawless would be an understatement to the Animation , but still it’s not COMPLETE .  


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~~ The Incomplete Perfection ~~

The Anime Your Name Movie is not complete and in no way is flawless. The story has so many plot-holes and some scenarios don’t even make sense. The Story of Anime Your Name Movie has this weird time gap between the timelines . The timeline of Male lead in 3 years delayed than Female lead . There are some obvious reasons , the Mitsuha 3 years In future does not exist . Thus is replaced by a rather mysterious , existent Mitsuha in Taki’s Timeline.


There is a weird phenomena that clubs these two iconic figures into a single Frame. Once day , Taki wakes up from dream and finds himself in a Girl’s Body , which he later confirms to be of that of Mitsuha.

Similarly , one day , Mitsuha wakes up in the body of an unknown boy , whom later she confirms to be Taki. Now two youngsters in unknown body of opposite sex , uncertain of what to do next ,Makes the story much more gripping and Funny. The actions followed by both are pretty different and very ideal. No One in their right minds do what they do , but its still a fantasy Anime so can’t complain.

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The story does not manage to explain the main cause behind this swap. The story has a huge gap of 5 years following the major events . Both the individuals are still not under any relationships despite of very attractive figures. These all reasons contribute to the Emptiness and incompletes the story creating a void.


But , because it didn’t use any astrophysical bullshit to explain what’s going on . the Anime Your Name Movie rather focused on Story telling rather than reasoning. The story is very unrealistic and unusual . This would mean a disaster if it was a Bollywood movie.

But , as it’s an anime , there are other great things rather than just the story . The seamless animation and uncompromised story board makes it very hard for viewers to take their eyes off from it.

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~~ The Legacy Of Makoto Shinkai ~~

Makoto shinkai had a breakthrough with his very first anime in 2002 . and he continued to surprise us all with continued masterpieces. The anime your name Movie was yet another Makoto Shinaki’s Legacy. The movie yet again manages to amaze and flatter every youth’s heart . The legacy is followed by The Anime Weathering With You Movie. Which successfully inherited the legacy of Makoto Shinkai .

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The Anime Your Name movie is an evergreen banger with everlasting comedy and turn of events. Your name is , and will be , my most favorite watch .


This was Aarima , we are Animastics and you are Fantastic !

Take care , see you in the next article , till then …


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