The 12+ Worst Anime Of All Time

There are many famous and critically praised anime series out there, but even the best of them can’t fully compensate for the sins committed by the worst anime of all time.

Poor anime dubs might blame mistranslations for their failures, but the horrible anime series below have only themselves to blame.

Even the most despised anime characters can be certain that they are unlikely to appear in the worst anime series ever produced.

Someone would have to be in an anime that people enjoy viewing in order to appear on that list. Unfortunately, these anime are not of the “worth viewing” variety.


It’s the year 2030, and a virus has turned humans into monsters based on their race and ethnicity— which sounds as disgusting and tone-deaf as it does.

Edo-period samurai travel to this future world to assist in the search for a cure for the illness.

The play was heavily promoted and had some well-known actors, but the end result was such a nasty, unfeeling disaster.

Mahou Shoujo? Naria☆Girls

When it appears that the artists at least tried to make something decent, bad anime doesn’t feel quite as empty.

Isn’t it true that Mahou Shoujo isn’t the same? NariaGirls, which feels like it was written on the spur of the moment to justify their compensation.

The plot is as straightforward as it gets, but the execution is so poor that the entire structure collapses.

Wounded Man

Baraki, the protagonist, is a completely conventional “bad boy” with few redeeming traits; in the first episode, he abuses a reporter named Ryuko and beats up her male crew members.

This is ostensibly meant to warn them that Brazil is so hazardous that no Japanese person should ever be there.

Worse, despite their history, Ryuko and Baraki wind up falling in love.

Skelter Heaven

The notion of pretty, busty high schoolers serving in the military sounds like a possible sleeper success in the anime industry.

Skelter Heaven, on the other hand, fails to turn this fan service into an anime worthy of any fandom.

Half “training drills” and half absolutely ridiculous military responses to a big alien squid floating over Tokyo are depicted in this crudely rendered nonsense.


Fans recognize that animation is a difficult effort, which is why artists are compensated to perform it.

As a result, it’s fair to say that Ladyspo makes no attempt to be animated. The whole thing feels like a bizarre slideshow with no redeeming characteristics.

A middle-schooler who knows how to use Photoshop might do a better job.

Dark Cat

Two brothers who can shift into cats must unravel the riddle of a demon plague involving tentacles for no apparent reason.

This is, without a doubt, a barely veiled pretext to draw some racy material.

The entire transforming-into-a-feline cliche that distinguishes Dark Cats from other programs isn’t even utilized, as the characters spend half of the series hunting demons, a task that would be easier to do in human form.

The voice acting is terrible, owing to the actors’ habit of hesitating in the middle of phrases for no apparent reason.

Wonder Momo

Wonder Momo is widely regarded as one of the worst anime of all time, and it did so in only five episodes, which has to be a world record.

It’s no wonder that Wonder Momo, ostensibly about an idol want tobe who ends up fighting evil aliens instead, feels antiquated from the start.

However, any anime based on an obscure 1987 beat-’em-up arcade game was doomed to fail unless it was drastically reworked.

Despite everything going against it, Wonder Momo is excruciating to see.

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When CGI is used in an anime, you can bet that the fans aren’t going to be happy. This is especially true in the case of Ex-Arm.

This series is visually ugly, and you don’t have to be an art expert to notice.

There’s a strange combination of 2D and CGI in the animation, which makes it look clumsy and rigid.

Despite the good story, it’s tough to become fully immersed in the plot since the animation is too distracting. It’s no wonder that Ex-Arm was trending for all the wrong reasons on the Internet.


Pupa, an anime that is so strange, filthy, and horrible.

The plot centers around a brother who develops regenerative abilities and his afflicted sister, who must eat flesh to survive.

In a weird turn of events, the younger sister feeds on the elder to stay alive, creating a very horrible scene.

Forest Fairy Five

Forest Fairy Five may be the reason why people have low expectations for any anime series aimed at young children.

In a universe where Japan has been transformed into an anime kingdom, a group of mushroom fairies, who are supposed to be 8 years old despite their voices being much older, engage in some mundane adventures with animation that is clearly not up to grade.

Content developed for children should be just as attentively made as content provided for adults.

Shows like this are both humiliating and unattractive.

Vampire Holmes

Comedy in anime is genuinely unique, with certain shows becoming legendary for their mastery at incorporating humor into their stories.

Vampire Holmes, on the other hand, can’t say the same.

Vampire Holmes’ story is based on a mobile game, as is the case with most bad anime adaptations, which should raise enough red flags for now.

None of the jokes are funny, the animation is terrible, and the character of Sherlock Holmes is entirely ruined.


On paper, producing a full-fledged anime series in Adobe Flash would have sounded like a novel and exciting concept, especially in 2006.

Hanoka, on the other hand, does not execute this principle to the best of its ability.

Action sequences are essential in a sci-fi show that concentrates on the action.

Hanoka’s aesthetics, on the other hand, are anything but captivating due to the limitations of flash animation.

Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika

Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika is the lowest-rated anime on MyAnimeList combining every awful idea ever introduced into anime.

The worst intentions motivated this series from the start, as it was created with the sole objective of promoting two tabloid celebrities.

Even attempting to call this show a fanservice tool would be exaggerating its achievements.

From a flimsy plot involving reality star secret agents to dreadful characters and animation, it’s easy to see why this anime is the lowest-rated on MyAnimeList.

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