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That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: Strongest Characters

One of the most popular isekai anime of all time, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, is released in 2019 and was a super duper hit sweeping the floor with its animation.

Rimuru, the protagonist was a slime and is on a mission to unite the different races of the fantasy world populated with goblins, orcs, wolves, lizard people demon lords and many more.

This series has a lot to offer but in this list we will focus on the most strongest character featured in this anime.

So let’s start our list:

10. Ranga

Ranga is the leader of the wolves and the very first character to fight and join the Rimuru Tempest on his mission to join the all the races.

He is loyal to Rimuru and provide good assistance in fighting as well as acts as personal transport. Though we have seen some goblins riding on him too.

9. Shion

Shion is among the six surviving members of the ogre clan.

She is Rimuru’s secretary and manages everything but like to goof off sometimes. She adores her slime boss too.

In the matter of fighting, though she is ranked lowest among the ogres but don’t take her lightly, her fighting skill is great especially when is wield a huge sword.

8. Souei

The personality like ninja make Souei quite remarkable. He is observant, calm, ruthless and serious which make him another strong character worthy in this list.

Once he obtained a name courtesy of Rimuru Tempest, his power was pushed to the greater height.

He is quite dependable and can manage the difficult task with ease. Souei has proven himself many times and is beneficial to be in Rimuru’s side.

7. Benimaru

Benimaru is the leader of the ogre clan and is short tempered. He got his name from Rimuru, thus became more powerful.

He is quite a impressive swordsmanship skill with some fire based abilities. One of a tough fighter in the ogre gang.

Benimaru is a personal bodyguard Of Rimuru with swordsmanship second to Hakuro.

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6. Hakuro

Hakuro is the oldest member in the ogre clan but his experience and skill is second to none.

Even before receiving his name from Rimuru , he was a great fighter on the battlefield, and after receiving a name, he became the ultimate swordsman.

He act as a head instructor at Rimuru’s city and he trains anyone who wants to learn the swordsmanship. And no one else is better fit in instructing than him

5. Geld, The Orc Disaster

Geld, The Orc Disaster is a demon lord who wields the power to devour anything and everything that comes in his way.

Ravenous hunger is what defines them and they can’t spare lives of anyone not even women and children.

He is a lumbering and brutish boss that only Rimuru himself can handle. And even then, Geld demonstrated remarkable power and pushed Rimuru to its edge.

4. Shizue Izawa

Shizue is like Rimuru who transported from Japan into this fantasy world. She was brought from Japan through a summoning spell and she was forcefully bound to the Ifrit.

Shizue is a master swordswoman and her legend and skills are quite famous in the world. She can wield flames, because of Ifrit, and nothing can get in her way.

Ultimately, though, she passed away but we often see him when Rimuru takes her shape.

3. Veldora

Veldora is among the four true dragons in the entire world, whose legend runs in all direction. He was the bone of all civilization.

Everyone fear him and no one knew how to stop him. Until a hero arrived and sealed him away with his power languishes in a cave.

However, Rimuru arrives, befriend him and absorbs him! Gaining that vast power that he currently has.

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2. Rimuru Tempest

The protagonist has proven himself the most powerful fighter of all. And his power will grow owing to his incredible Predator ability.

Rimuru is creative, smart and resourceful and has many allies on his side. With the various power like black fire, lightning, steel spider webs, etc. he is simply unstoppable.

Rimuru only uses his powers for good that is to unite the different races and forge a kingdom where everyone can live in peace.

1. Milim

Milim is a demon lord and is much more powerful than Rimuru.

In fact, she fought Rimuru upon their first meeting, and pushed him to the edge but, fortunately, Rimuru knew how deal with her, and recruited her as yet another ally.

In return, Milim will help Rimuru in any battle, no matter the odds, and win. Boss Level foes are no match for her!

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