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Ten Amazing Naruto Facts

Naruto is a great anime with amazing action and has a great plot. For young anime fans in the early 2000s, Naruto was a safe haven. Just as said before Naruto itself as the action anime series. Naruto positioned itself as an exciting new evolution of the genre, and beloved my new generation also. The story of a young ninja who is outcast and possessed by the powerful spirit of a demon fox was captivating in its own right, but the imaginative ninja world that Naruto lived in is what sold the series. And fulfill his dream of becoming Hokage.

If you’re Naruto Fan than you must know this amazing facts.

Naruto’s Surname

Naruto Family

Naruto Surname is Uzumaki and not Namikaze because if Minato’s enemies knew it then they would kill Naruto. Thus, Naruto’s has been given the surname of his mother rather than his father.

Kurama – Susano

Kurama in Susano

Kurama is the only known Tailed Beast That got wrapped around by the Susano’s armor. It has been withnessed in Anime as well as in Manga.

Naruto’s Birthday

Naruto Series

As shown in anime the 4th Great Ninja War ended on Naruto’s Birthday, i.e. 10th of October.

Death of Jiraya


When Jiraya Wrote the message on Fukasaku’s back, his heart had already stopped beating.

Sage Mode Kabuto


Sage Mode Kabuto claimed to be the closest and strongest person to Hagoromo, despite both Obito and Madara being alive.

Peace after the War

Naruto Series

One of the reasons why peace has been maintained even after the war is because none of the remaining villages don’t posses any threat to konoha , knowing that two shinobi from there are capable of destroying the entire Shinobi World if they ever wanted to.

Best Friend of Naruto


Naruto’s best friend was never Sasuke, it was always Shikamaru. Shikamaru never left Naruto’s side where as Sasuke only lived for taking revenge for his family and clan.

Naruto And Madara


Naruto , while in Six Paths Sage Mode, was able to dodge Madra’s fang of light whcih is said to travel at the speed of light.

Power of Kurama

According to the database, Kurama with only half of his power was capable of easily turning the world to ash.

Obito- Naruto


Though he saw Naruto of no concern, Obito had been the cause of almost everything in Naruto’s life. Having used him as a hostage while Naruto was still a newborn , the one who started Kurama’s attack on Konoha, and indirectly killing his parents.

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