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Super Crooks By Bones: Plot, News & What to Expect !

Netflix always flex at the most weird time possible. As such, this time Netflix announced the adaptation of a very famous comic book by Miller and Leinil Yu’s ‘Super Crooks’. At the Netflix Animation Studio Focus at Annecy International film festival 2021, Netflix surprised every9one with this announcement.

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~~ Story Theory: Super Crook’s Glory? ~~

The whole story is kind-of based on Netflix’s Money Heist. But, as such there is no ground breaking similarities apart from the involvement of Heist. One may call it a cheap rip-off of the original Netflix series, but there is not much similarities to begin with. With Subtle similarities and subtle differences, the show may bestow us a fun one time watcher.

The basic story line revolves around some super villains who once thought that this is their last heist, for quite a few times. Now there are some who are drowned in blood and some drowned in debt. The prison has number of contrasting characters grouped up in a single cell unit.

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Well, the story board makes emphasis on this one guy, named Johnny, who is supposed to be the driving force in this anime. It’s his job to get all these so-called ‘super crooks’ filthy rich. And to do this, now they have to invade world’s most notorious super villain’s liar in Spain and take out all of his fortunes.

~~ Release Date and latest Developments ~~

      The official release date for super crooks are set to be 25th November 2021. With 13 episodes of nearly 30 min each, we are about to witness some intense binge sessions. With the cast and release date announced, Super crooks awaits its premiere to get proper attention from the Netflix audience.

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There is no new developments regarding the Super Crooks by Netflix, apart from the voice actors all being so very excited and outperforming themselves.

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