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Spy x Family Anime Coming In 2022

If the recent speculations are correct, an anime version of the Spy X Family could be released as soon as next year.

Just a week before the eighth volume of the Spy X Family manga series is released. This is perhaps the nicest piece of news a Spy X Family fan could receive. Just keep in mind that the early information is fairly restricted.

Spy x Family will be adapted into an anime series by Clover Works and Wit Studio, which will premiere in 2022. Tatsuya Endo’s action-comedy series Spy x Family is serialized in Shonen Jump+.

spy x family

So far, we’ve learned about Loid’s voice actor as well as other of the project’s important personnel.

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According to the report, Kazuhiro Furuhashi will serve as director, Kazuaki Shimada will serve as character designer, and (K)now Name will compose the music.

In terms of the cast, it appears that Takuya Eguchi has been cast as Loid Forger’s voice. However, as with any reports, none of these elements are fully confirmed until Shueisha. And the teams behind this rumored anime adaptation make an official announcement.

With Shueisha’s Jump Festa convention coming up later this winter, it’s possible we’ll learn more then.

spy x family

It is a television series about a spy who must construct a false family in order to complete a task. His phony daughter, on the other hand, is a mind reader, and his fake wife is an assassin.

While the chapters are available for free on the Shonen Jump+ app and website, tankobon books can be purchased. The series was licensed in North America by Viz Media.

In the future, there will be more information on the cast.

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