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Soul Eater’s 10+ Amazing Facts That You Should Definitely Checkout !!!

Soul Eater was a huge hit among its fan and the anime adaptation was short yet heart touching. There are more to know about Soul Eater than you know. If you want to know about any amazing and interesting facts than bear this article to the end.

The rare facts about the character shown and as the show progressed they reveal the true nature of the different characters. Soul Evans the main protogonist is also well developed in the anime.

Sit tight and hustle through these amazing facts.

1. Corona has no gender

soul eater

Soul Eater tops the anime in having number of villain’s but the Corona tops the list. Despite his clothing style as a girl, what you not know his gender.

Yes, Corona does not have a gender. He was raised as a girl but later, it seemed he was a boy. Overall he was Androgynous.

2. Death The Kid can’t dye his hair

soul eater

Death The Kid is a fearless warrior who is assumed to continue the legacy of his father’s rule, Lord Death int he future. He has his unique fighting skill and daring personality.

But, Death The Kid there are things he can’t do. Death has tried to dye his hair multiple times but is unsuccessful in doing so. However, there must be some explanation to it.

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3. Stein is the Strongest Graduate of the DWMA

soul eater

Franken Stein, the strongest graduate of the DWMA has established his unmatched strength quite fast in the series.

Frank has a unique skill too, Soul perception skill as well as he has the ability to use almost any kind of weapon too, making him invincible.

4. Soul Eater Is the Scythe that Maka Uses


Maka is skilled and her Scythe name is Soul Eater. She can convert her Soul Eater into the ultimate weapon, the most powerful instruments of death.

All she is need to master her weapon, Soul Eater.

5.Stein Should Never Sit in a Rolling Chair


I don’t know how much it is true, but Stein whenever sits in a rolling chair, he always leaves by rolling back towards the exit.

All I know is Stein is always coordinated which make this fact really absurd.

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6.Death the Kid is a Reaper

death the kid

A reaper’s body must be pure and and will reject any toxins and chemicals which explain the immortality of Death The Kid.

It is not clear yet what impact does being a reaper has on Death The Kid and its limitless what he can and cannot do do.

7. Death Death Kill

kill kill

Lord Death can be called by the number 42 42 564. This number is pronounced in Japanese as ‘shini shine koroshi’ and translates to ‘death death kill’

8. Black Star

soul eater

It is known that when the Black Star was taken into the DWMA, Maka was born on the same day.

9. The DWMA Is Located in America


Soul Eater Not! revealed that the DWMA is located in Las Vegas, America.

10. Soul Eater NOT!


Soul Eater Not is a spin off series or filler of Soul Eater. The plot follows the three girls who are trying to fit in school.

The main characters of Soul Eater do make a short appearances in this filler.

11. Soul Eater Manga

soul eater

The Soul Eater manga was originally going to be 22 volumes. But, due to the huge gaping plot hole left by author, the manga is forced to continue for another 3 volumes.

12. Tsubaki’s real reason for Enrollment


The real reason for Tsubaki enrollment was to stop her older brother, Masamune from turning into Kishin. She does fail in doing so but she was the sole reason in bringing him down.

13. Medusa Gorgon resurrected Kishin Asura.


Gorgon hated the world and wanted to change it thus she resurrected Kishin Asura. Soul Eater‘s heroes did everything in their power to stop her but she was successful in resurrecting Death’s oldest son, Kishin Asura.

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