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Solo Levelling Chapter 174: The Prolonged War

as predicted in our previous article, in solo levelling chapter 174 we see Hunter Jin engaging Monarch of destruction. In this all out war, not only we see what’s happening on the other side of this scene. Chairman of Hunter Association emphasizes on the glow up of Hunter Jin and how he managed to rank up to SSS rank Hunter.

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~~ Silence before the Storm ~~

solo levelling Chapter 174 starts at a peaceful rate. we see the hunter association emphasizing that not only Hunter Jin . but, all the Hunters around the globe are playing it on their life. we see words of commemoration and admiration for all those who are fighting and all those who died along the way. We see some monologues that spread goosebumps down the spine from Hunter association member.

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~~ The Fight: An Unending Arc ~~

As the fight drives us to go crazy, we see hunter jin violating the Dragon Monarch. With every move the shadow army throw, we see dragon monarch suffering feeble damages. However hard the shadow army may strike, the monarch of destruction seems to be in fine state.

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The entirety of Shadow army was left immobile when king of dragon shows his true colors. he wakes up from his pity state and pulverizes all of the shadow army in a single swoop. Monarch of destruction call this move ‘Dragon Fear’. Although the damage from ‘Dragon Fear’ was astronomical, but hunter Jin seems unscathed.

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Soon after, The Monarch of destruction is shown to notice Hunter Jin’s Capabilities. Under the façade of mutual agreement, Monarch of Destruction spreads his arm in desperation . but, Hunter Jin had already seen through it all. Hunter Jin Smiles in rejection and prepares to go all out.

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monarch of destruction seems to be hiding yet another trump card. we see him getting ready to cause sort of trouble. Hunter Jin unleashes all of his powers as purple fumes cloud his surroundings.

~~ The Predictable Future ~~

we have already focused about the future developments of Solo levelling chapter 174 and solo levelling chapter 175. most probably, the fight between Jin and king of Dragons will end at the last panel of chapter 175. With this we might expect a jump-cut to some other scene. from here the story will continue to unfold.

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Most probably Jin will not be in solo levelling Chapter 175 and will make a comeback in 176 . We are desperate on how the story unfolds.

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