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Solo Levelling: Chapter 173 – Reconnaissance and a War !!

Solo levelling chapter 173 marked the beginning of an epic arc. Hunter Sung vs The entirety of Evil Monarchs. Hunter Jin Sung is now the one and only standing person from the Human’s side against the Monarchs. The world seemed messed up and nothing looks like normal. as the chaos takes over the panel of manga, we see our MC Hunter Sung standing tall against much greater and powerful foes.

~~ Where were we yesterday? ~~

Talking about the chapter 172, we see the overall chaos taking birth. we see the Beast Monarch and Dragon Monarch recuperating a combined attack against Humans. contrary to power difference and difference in man-power, we see Monarchs using cheap tactics to mark their victory over Humans. Relentless plotting and evil practices leads them to a sliver of hope but Hunter Sung destroys it all with his Million IQ counterattacks.

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we see Hunter Jin dividing his shadow army over his alliances to help them stand firm. This leads all the efforts of Beast Monarch to go in vain. The sudden appearance of Shadow army left the Beast and Dragon Monarch in a lot of confusion. we see these events leading to the beginning of the first and greatest fight between Hunter Jin Sung Woon’s Shadow army and the army of Beast and Dragon Monarch.

Nearing towards the end, we see Hunter Jin wreaking Havok against the Beast and Dragon army and annihilating them as a whole. Killing the entire hoard of enemies in a single strike as if he were the literal reincarnation of a god or a very ancient Demon.

As he rampages and annihilates them all, he inculcates them in his shadow army and as some sort of fodder, they serve as the replenishment and reinforcement into shadow army. Hunter Sung approaches Dragon Monarch and a jaw dropping battle awaits…

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~~ Where we Today? ~~

Solo levelling chapter 173 starts with the battle sequence right off the bat. The Dragon Monarch is shown going all out from the beginning with the intention to finish off Shadow Monarch. But, little does he know, Hunter Jin had some other plans.

Hunter Jin releases some feeble shadow soldiers, which serves as a distraction while hunter jin opens up a portal. Following him, the Dragon Monarch is teleported to another dimension only accessible by the Shadow Monarch. Here appears another new Monarch named, Monarch of Transfiguration, Yogumunt. This Monarch teleports all of the dragon soldiers into the Shadow Realm.

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As Hunter Jin’s plan seemed to be in ruins, little does anyone know of Kamish’s wraith. The legendary dragon Kamish that engulfed fear onto the lands of humans and left the rune. Hunter Jin absorbs the Kamish’s rune and leaves the entirety of Dragon army in shock. solo levelling chapter 173 had some of the most audacious events in history of Solo levelling.

Hunter Jin takes away the shocked Dragon Monarch in front of his castle. the story unfolds lots of twists and turns. the Dragon Monarch transforms into a vicious beast. This power driven crazed battle turns into endurance match. Hunter Jin must win before he runs out of magic power. the Dragon army are on the chase ….

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the battle gets more and more nail-biting and thrilling. with the release of newer chapters we are left in an awe.

~~ Solo Levelling chapter 174 ~~

solo levelling chapter 173 end at an unprecedented event. The Dragon Monarch is undergoes beast transformation and is shown as a terrifying being. The sudden turn of events might’ve startles the viewers, but not Hunter Jin. The upcoming turn of events would highly be concerned with the fight between these two.

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Although the fight mayn’t end in chapter 174, the final panels might be seen in chapter 175. As far as the story-board is concerned, chapter 175 will mark the landmark of changes. solo levelling chapter 175 will result in the overall change in the story board. these standalone claims mayn’t be accurate, but they aren’t vague.

Hunter Jin will experience yet some crucial moments and the victor is already decided.

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