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Solo Levelling Bids Sayonara with Chapter 179 !!

Solo levelling bids us farewell with a warm and touching chapter 179. Officially with chapter 170, solo levelling is ended. The end of chapter left us with mixed emotions. A melancholic feeling about the end, and a happy notion to justify the sweet ending.

Solo levelling was shown great support and love from all the viewers in the run time. The manga faced great support and lit the concept that instilled lot of other authors with newer ideas. Solo levelling was one of its kind, a sweet story of a robust and flamboyant main character, who remained undefeated in the ‘prolonged war’.

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With release of chapter 179, we are left with a great feeling of happiness and sorrow at the same time. We have been through this manga from the very beginning and its end is just overwhelming. Solo levelling ended on a sweet note. Everyone is happy with how the author has ended the story. The story board is one of its kind and the story telling is beyond par.

~~ Chapter 170, A Foray into future ~~

With chapter 179, we mark the end of solo levelling series. At the end of the ‘prolonged war’, we see the triumphant Sung jin Woon. Hunter Jin returns from the 2 year long war, which he shouldered alone.  The war marked the end to the scrutiny and crucifying pain that humanity endured for long. Hunter Jin singlehandedly eliminated all other monarchs that paved their way for destruction of earth.

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Hunter Jin is an unsung hero, who undid time to bring back all people who died during the ‘prolonged war’. Then he went on a solo journey to remove any threat that may endanger Humanity. The Shadow Monarch aka Hunter Jin, returns after 2 years of solo killing spree and meets the future that awaits him.

The Hunter is received with respect, however his powers pose a threat to the world. This domineering presence from hunter Jin is rather quite terrifying for any normal human. But, despite the sour behavior, Hunter jin finds the meaning in future.

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He comes across beautiful moments and important people that await his return. The people who influenced his life in the past. people who made Jin who he was. people he fought for and every other tiny happenings that Jin appreciated.

We then come across a bittersweet emotion when we see Jin encounter the female lead. This was a heartwarming moment. Then Jin delivers a monologue that would leave any fan in tears.

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