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Sasuke Vs Killua | Who would Win ?

Sasuke and Killua from Hunter X Hunter And Naruto respectively, both of this anime really hit the platform among the peers. Naruto. a well known masterpiece is somewhat made its position in the heart of 90’s generation as well as the new generation. Where as Hunter X Hunter, a masterpiece, has its own fan base among its followers

In this post we’re going to compare the best friend of protagonist of both the anime as well as its surrounding . So, sit tight and read the whole article to see the differences and similarities between Sasuke and Killua.  Do comment below the points you agree with as well as those you don’t. Just don’t trash on us too hard. 

Sasuke Vs Killua | Who would Win ?

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Sasuke UchihaKillua Zoldyck
Sasuke is clever and intelligent.Killua is clever and intelligent as well.
He is the lone survivor of the uchiha clan, the most powerful clan of the hidden leaf village.He is from the famous assassin family, Zoldyck , feared by everyone.
Sasuke seeks the revenge for murdering his family by his own brother. And shows the toxic rivalry between the him and the protagonist.Where as Killua belongs to an Assassin family but never once thought about revenge as he didn’t loose as much as Sasuke. He shows the friendly rivalry with Gon.
Saskue Covers himself in electric cloak to keep up with Naruto in Nine Tail form.Killua also covers himself in electricity which give him god speed.
He trains to be a Shinobi, a Ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village.He trains to be a Hunter, a license adventurer.
Some of the skills of Sasuke contain ninjutsu, Sharingan, six path yin power etc.Some of the skills of Killlua are: Nail Claws, Rhythm Echo, Lightning palm etc.
He is a best friend of Naruto, protagonist of the series.He is also the best friend of Gon, protagonist of Hunter X Hunter.
Sasuke didn’t have any flaws, except his hatred or love towards his brother that makes him choose the wrong path.Killua’s greatest flaw was his fear of those seemingly more powerful than him which he overcame after meeting Gon.

In the end , we can conclude that Sasuke and Killua has a basic similarity in the characterization and intelligent. The major difference is the world they are born in. Sasuke is based in Ninja World where ninjutsu and chakra matters where as Hunter X Hunter is based in world where Nen is everything. Sasuke has a little more experience and power over Killua. In Short, Killua is the way better character, but Sasuke would win pretty handily in a fight.

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