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Saitama vs Goku: Who Would Win ?

Would Saitama vs Goku win in an inevitable fight if the anime worlds of Dragon Ball and One Punch collided?

What happens when a warrior who is continually pushing himself to new limits meets a pugilist who has never been truly tested?

With his battles, Goku has fought literal gods and placed the galaxy at risk.

One-Punch Man has never had to use all of his strength, yet has shaken the world with just one fist.

So, in a fight, who would win?

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Goku is an Earth-born Saiyan who is always on the lookout for his next opponent. He spends his free time practicing to be the best fighter ever. From childhood through adulthood, he has never been defeated in the Dragon Ball universe, and he has recently been going toe-to-toe with gods.

Saitama hails from a universe where he is easily the strongest man alive. Having blown apart even the most deadly monsters with his legendary single punch, which never requires a second punch.

Here are a few more reasons why either of these great anime warriors could defeat the other in a fight.

14. Saitama: Good Timing

In Saitama vs Goku, Saitama doesn’t go out hunting for a fight very often. He’s normally going about his daily routine when a monster appears. When Garou tries to pick a fight with him when he’s out shopping, Saitama mistook him for a mugger and backhands him into a garbage can.

In a fight, Saitama is a master at making these kinds of scenarios work for him. If he and Goku do not meet on a typical battlefield, Saitama will have the upper hand in the battle by surprising him.

13. Goku: Dragon Balls

On the collected Dragon Balls, Goku was always the beneficiary of a desire. These wishes are frequently used to resurrect someone. When he isn’t the one to collect them, it’s generally because Goku has died and they must be used to resurrect him.

Having them on his side, on the other hand, is extremely beneficial to Goku. He may wish for enough power to defeat Saitama, or he could at least wish for a trainer who can teach him the necessary skills to defeat Saitama, as Goku is a firm believer in fairness and hard effort.

12. Saitama: Does It For Fun

Saitama is a “hero for the sake of being a hero,” which means he has no strong moral compass or motivation for being a hero. This does not, however, imply that he is a bad guy. He’s just not interested in saving the world and would rather have a nice time. Fighting Goku, fortunately for Saitama, would be a good moment, given Goku’s strengths as a probable opponent.

Because Goku is already a difficult opponent, he is just the type of foe that Saitama is seeking for. For the first time, Saitama would be able to go all out in about that no one else could see, while simultaneously giving Goku a hard time beating him.

11. Goku: Doesn’t Give Up

Giving up a fight would be against Goku’s nature. Even when he loses a battle, he comes back stronger the next time to win it. Goku has previously died fighting and then returned to fight the opponent who killed him.

To do so, he sought out new people to train with, sometimes old foes, and simply kept getting stronger until he defeated his opponent. This level of commitment would impress Saitama, but it may also indicate that Goku could defeat him.

10. Saitama: Determination

Saitama’s entire attitude is built on his passion to be a hero. He has worked extremely hard to achieve this goal. And now that he’s a hero, he wants to take on tasks that are appropriate for his abilities. Goku is most likely up there with an opponent capable of giving Saitama a run for his money.

However, this only means Saitama will fight even harder. Instead of ending in a single punch, Saitama would have to put up all of his effort to defeat Goku if he had to fight in a real fight.

9. Goku: Can Fly

Saitama possesses a wide range of abilities, but almost all of them revolve around extreme strength and speed. It’s simple for him to dominate someone in a fight and, in the rare occasion that his opponent lands a hit, to withstand it long enough to land his own.

Goku possesses the same set of skills and powers. He does, however, have the capacity to fly. This would tip the scales in Goku’s favor in a fight between these two tremendously powerful characters.

8. Saitama: Has Hit His Max

Saitama put in a lot of effort in his training. He trained so hard and got so strong that his hair fell out, which was one of the series’ jokes. He doesn’t even shave his head to achieve such a sleek and shiny appearance.

His training has been so effective that he may have reached his peak strength, and fans of the show have only seen him in one fight in which he was unable to defeat his opponent in a single strike. He was back at it with one punch after that battle, demonstrating that he can easily stay at that upper limit.

7. Goku: Super Saiyan

Goku was always working on improving his strength. He may, however, access new levels of power by becoming a Super Saiyan. He can save energy for when the struggle becomes rough because he doesn’t have to work at full strength all of the time.

When other individuals begin to tire and slow down over a long battle, Goku can quickly regain his strength by advancing to the next level of Super Saiyan.

6. Saitama: One Punch

It’s hard to express Saitama’s strength without mentioning his ability to beat an opponent with a single punch. Saitama battled a slew of creatures who flattened other heroes and defeated them without breaking a sweat.

Regardless of how hard Goku practiced, he was never able to achieve that feat. It would be difficult for Goku to build up enough strength to defeat Saitama if Saitama defeated him in one punch, and Goku’s ability to defeat Saitama would imply that he had out-trained him.

5. Goku: Trains Harder

Saitama has a rigorous training regimen that includes several push-ups, crunches, squats, and runs. Goku, on the other hand, put in even more effort than Saitama. His training was so rigorous that he frequently departed the planet in search of someone who could teach him new skills and help him grow stronger.

He was also open to learning from those who had previously defeated him in battle, such as his former adversaries. It’s tough to resist Goku’s belief that he can always get stronger, especially when his opponent is Saitama.

4. Saitama: Can Read Fears & Real Motives With One Look

Not only can Saitama knock people out with a single punch, as the title of the series suggests, but he can also sense people’s anxieties and true intentions simply by looking at them.

Given that he had this talent, he could readily discern Goku’s plans with a single glance and promptly devise a strategy to combat them, ensuring his triumph. Saitama’s amazing perception may lead to Goku’s demise if Goku does not have enough of a poker face to mislead him.

3. Goku: Has Multiple Fusions

In the battle against Saitama, Goku has a variety of fusions at his disposal. Gogeta, Vegito, and Den-Goku are some of his fusions. These fusions would offer him the enhanced abilities of his teammates, such as Vegeta and Dende, giving him an advantage in the battle against someone as formidable as Saitama.

Because he has the option of fusing with allies of diverse skills, he could potentially catch Saitama off guard if he merged with someone he didn’t expect. The range of fusions and allies with which Goku can merge could help him win the battle.

2. Saitama: Extremely Accurate

As a fighter who primarily knocks out opponents with a single blow, Saitama is incredibly precise at striking his opponents and putting them down for the count.

He almost never misses, or else he’d have to use more than one punch to knock out all of his opponents.

He could even convert a boulder into a projectile to kill opponents, and he used this skill to kill Geryuganshoop. Because of Saitama’s lethal accuracy, he will be able to hit all of his blows on Goku and knock him out swiftly.

1. Goku: Has Variations Of Kamehameha

Goku is well-known for his signature move, the Kamehameha. He can, however, use and invent his own variations of the same maneuver. Because they act in somewhat different ways, having these variants could help him defeat Saitama.

If Saitama becomes too accustomed to Goku using the Kamehameha in its standard form, Goku might easily eliminate Saitama by employing Kamehameha in a different form or version. If the attack succeeds, Saitama may be surprised, and Goku may be able to pull off a victory.

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