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Noragami Season 3: Release Date, Storyline , Plots , Casts , English Dubbed And Latest Updates Of 2021 !


Noragami season 3 , alike other seasons will indeed revolve around our main character Yato . Noragami Season 3 will yet pack a lot of comedy scripts . The whole season will be filled with good vibes.

However good the plot line maybe , the story will take a darker turn in Noragami season 3. In The final episode of Noragami season 2 , we see Yato Releasing his old Shinki. This is the point of no-return for the story .

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As far as the story board is concerned , Noragami production House made 2 Seasons out of 53 chapters . And it completely makes sense that season 3 will cover another 25 chapters as an average. But What is in the 25 chapters following the end ? That’s what this entire article is based onto !


After the release of Shinki , Yato experiences yet greater challenges. Although the theme of anime is supposed to be clouded by Comedy. But , so is not the case here. Noragami Season 3 will highlight the challenges faced by Yato to still remain existent . We already know by now that Yato is ‘ God Of Devastation ‘ and is trying to shift his title to ‘ The God of Happiness ‘ .

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Yato’s Father comes into picture and that serves as the major plot change. Yato being a god , is because he was born out of people’s wishes . But , due to his condition , no one remembers him as such .

Yato has been existing for over centuries , and the Father is the reason behind it. Yato’s Father is more or less the main villain in this entire series . The Father gets his hand over ‘The Word’ which makes him even more terrifying .

The word is a piece that animates and tame those otherworldly creatures called Ayashiki. Now Commanding an ayashiki is crazy in itself , but , letting ayashiki possess a body and then attack is a whole new level of madness.

Yato is now associated with his ‘Blessed Weapon’ Yukine . The bonding between the three is shown to grow deeper , chapter by chapter.

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Yato and Hiyori are shown to grow closer. This also implies that Hiyori is drifting to the ‘Far Shore’ . Yato finds himself included in troubles , a lot of troubles . But , finds his way out from it all.

Yato is finally a registered god in the Haven’s Register . And the story goes on beyond that boundary . Noragami season 3 primarily focuses on the dark rivalry between Father and Yato . The Father serves a threat to all of Godlihood . Noragami season 3 will surely be different and very unique on its own , as compared to the other two seasons.


On the Main Lead we see Yato , The main character of Noragami. Yato is followed by Yukine , who is his blessed weapon and his only Shinki . On the female lead , we have Hiyori iki , she’s on the thin line between far shore and near shore .

We have Bishamonten and Ebisu as major side characters affecting the plot line as a whole . We have other honorary mentions like Kofuku ‘The God Of Poverty’ and Daikoku , who serves as her shinki.

The main villain Father goes by the name of Koto Fujisaki in the Noragami Season 3 Cast list. And there are other minor characters , whom we see every now and then.

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Talking about the dubbed version of Anime Noragami season 1 and season 2 , I have lesser hopes for dub. The anime is very good and audibly pleasing in Japanese itself.

I personally prefer Subbed Anime over Dubbed Anime , so i might show partiality . But , Noragami Anime so far is best in japanese and it was unbearable in English . In my views you shouldn’t wait for English Dub and better go with Noragami with subtitles.

The Japanese voice cast of Noragami Season 3 remains undoubtedly unchanged and The main lead is voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi. And Hiyori iki is voiced by Uchida Maayu san , who is well known for all of her previous Works.


Well , the main topic of discussion was , “ when Noragami season 3 is being released ?” and Let me talk about the situation first of all. The anime adaptation of every manga/manhwa/manhua is not very likely to follow it to it’s very end . Its fortunate for manga like Naruto , One piece and My hero Academia to get a regular anime adaptation .

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In most likelihood , the Anime adaptation serves as a marketing strategy for the manga itself. However its not compulsory that an anime is to be dropped after by 2 seasons and in all likelihood Noragami Season 3 heavily depends on the crowd .

Its highly unlikely to get Noragami Season 3 this year or even the year following . As I mentioned , Anime is a marketing strategy to popularize the Mangaka and his works. So in all likelihood , we wont be seeing any Noragami season 3 in near future unless the production house takes up the initiative.

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If the production house takes up the initiative to adapt the Anime Noragami Manga into Noragami Season 3 . we might see season 3 in 2022 Fall or spring as a weekly anime broadcasted over OTT and national Tv under TV Tokyo.

So this was the overall predictions and probabilities about Noragami Season 3 . The cast , voice actors , story and plotline and some prediction regarding the release dates .

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This was Aarima , we are Animastic , you are fantastic , see you in the next article , till then Sayonara !

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