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Naruto Vs Asta Who would Win ??

Black Clover and Naruto , both of this anime really hit the platform among the peers. Naruto. a well known masterpiece is somewhat made its position in the heart of 90’s generation as well as the new generation. Where as Black Clover didn’t lose the race yet. Fan makes the most of this new ongoing anime. But there’s a controversial which state’s that Block clover is a total knock off of Naruto.

Naruto and Asta

In this post we’re going to compare the protagonist of both the anime as well as its surrounding . So, sit tight and read the whole article to see the differences and similarities between Asta and Naruto.  Do comment below the points you agree with as well as those you don’t. Just don’t trash on us too hard. 

The protagonist was born with nine tail beast sealed inside him giving him the tremendous power.Protagonist was born with the devil inside of him and therefore he gain a grimoire with five leaves.
Naruto was hated by everyone and laughed upon by his friends, in childhood.In childhood, Asta is loved by the village as well as laughed upon by them too.
He was loud and attention seeker .He too is loud and seek attention.
He has a Nine tail Beast sealed inside him which acts as Chakra reservoir.He received the Five leaf Grimoire which nullify any magic which makes him unstoppable.
Naruto has a rivalry with Sasuke of Uchiha clan who possess the Sharingan.Asta has a rivalry with Yuno who has Four leaf Grimoire and a Wind Spirit.
In Naruto, Sasuke competes to become Hokage later on.In Black Clover, both Asta and Yuno competes to become the Wizard King from the begining.
The anime follow the zero to hero concept. Naruto trains harder and never gives up .Similarly, Asta never gives up and tries and trains harder than anyone.
Naruto Series is more emotional.Black Clover is kind of light hearted.

In the end , we can conclude that Naruto and Asta has a basic similarity in the plot and structure. The major difference is the world they are born in. Naruto is based in Ninja World where ninjutsu and chakra matters where as Black Clover is based in magical world where magic is everything. Somehow Naruto and Asta are shockingly similar with how they act, what their dreams are and how they were born different from the rest. Sasuke and Yuno are similar as well with their rankings in both series, so the rivalry in both anime are similar as well. The plots for both remind me of each other. Having the characters work their way to the top where their dreams will finally become a reality is something that I cherished in Naruto, which I like in Black Clover too.

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