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Naruto: Every Hokage Ranked by Strength

The 7 Hokage

In Naruto, everyone fascinates and respects the Hokage. Becoming the leader of the village is a ninja’s greatest goal. The leaders of the Hidden Leaf Village is known as the Hokage. Many people as well as Naruto himself want to be the same because it is the person who led Konoha since the village was founded.


They are typically the strongest ninja in the village and they are responsible for protecting the village and its citizens from any threats that may arise. There have been seven Hokages throughout the series, but some of them were truly won the hearts of the audience. Some of the them excelled in their duties while others just seemed to miss the mark.

7. Fifth Hokage: Tsunade


Tsunade become the Hokage after his Mentor Sarutobi died. As a member of the legendary Sannin, she is also an important character with an interesting backstory. She has several tricks in her favour to be the most likable person.

She also became the Hokage during some of the most difficult times for Konoha, dealing with The Fourth Great Ninja War as well as the Akatsuki. She became a strong leading figure for the main characters of the series and easily won over viewers of the series. From the strength she has shown throughout the original Naruto as well as the hardships she experienced throughout Naruto Shippuden, this makes Tsunade a more relatable character as well. But the viewers weren’t happy seeing the strength of Tsunade as respect to other Hokages.

6. Sixth Hokage: Kakashi Hatake


While Kakashi is a beloved character, his time as Hokage is mostly swept under the rug. He took up the mantle after the Fourth Great Shinobi War and managed Konoha during a time of peace. He doesn’t get much screen play, only few fillers and movies show him as a hokage. There didn’t seem to be any significant changes to the village and is a time of peace there weren’t many threats he had to personally deal with.

Everyone loves Kakashi sensei and has seen his strength during Fourth Great Shinobi War and his contribution against Otsutsuki. As the Mentor of Naruto, he is the only one who didn’t give in to despair even when he was alone. He truly a remarkable personality, shown in the series.

5. Third Hokage: Hiruzen Sarutobi


Hiruzen Sarutobi was the Third Hokage and picked up the role again after Minato’s death. He was the longest-reigning Hokage and ran the village quite smoothly. He is the Hokage for the majority of Naruto and the first one that viewers are introduced to. His kindness to Naruto when no one else was made him a very likable character.

The death he suffered at the hands of Orochimaru was saddening and an unfortunate way for a beloved character to go, but has shown his true strength at last. Easily one of the best Hokage in the series. The main point against him is his lack of open support for Naruto.

4. Second Hokage: Tobirama Senju


Tobirama succeeded his brother as Hokage long before the series officially began. Sure, he was powerful, and develop the most famous technique that Naruto has been using since birth, Shadow Clone Jutsu. His personality is lacking in anything except a stern demeanor and flashes of anger. He is also the Hokage with the least amount of back story and development in the series, so viewers were not able to really connect with him. His worst choice that cemented him as a poor Hokage in Naruto was his decision to separate the Uchiha Clan from the rest of Konoha out of fear of their abilities. This fear and hatred cause many issues throughout Naruto.

3. Fourth Hokage: Minato Namikaze


Minato was the Fourth Hokage and the father of the series main character Naruto Uzumaki. While he was also a very powerful yet his time as the Hokage is fairly glossed over. Most flashbacks involving him take place when he was either training Kakashi or fighting other ninja. The only real-time he’s shown as the Hokage is when the Nine-Tails attacks Konoha and he gives up his life to save both the village and Naruto. A great person, but he suffers from a lack of screen time.

2. First Hokage: Hashirama Senju


Hashirama was The First Hokage and actually founded the village with the Uchiha clan. He was one of the strongest ninja to exist and protected his newfound village from danger many times. He also has a great personality to both viewers and the characters in the show.

Unfortunately, he just doesn’t get much screen time. But he’s a great character and Hokage.

1. Seventh Hokage: Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Hokage

Naruto Uzumaki is the main character who finally achieved his lifelong dream of becoming the Hokage. He’s extremely responsible as a Hokage, as he completely changed Konoha for the better. Not only did he modernize it and usher in a new era, but he has also gone above and beyond to defend it from new threats, exhausting himself to protect everyone in the village. Not to mention it just feels good to see the protagonist finally achieve his goal. The only reason he is at the top of the list is due to his determination and of course the Nine tail. This puts a damper on an otherwise perfect Hokage.

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