My Hero Academia Season 5 | Release Date, Upcoming Episode, Funimation Dub, Preview Everything You Need To Know About

My Hero Academia is entering its final stretch of episodes for Season 5.

My Hero Academia Season 5 is running for the finish line, with the Deika City battleground being the main feature of this fifth inning.

Ahead of its release, this article will present you the release date, and preview for the upcoming Episode 24, covering all updated information that is essential before embarking on this week’s installment.

Let’s dissect the MHA Season 5, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

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How Many Seasons Are There For My Hero Academia?

So far there are a total of five seasons available to watch, with the fifth season being currently airing.

At the moment, season five is about to be completed with 2 more episodes.

Thankfully, the series will continue on for many more seasons. With the manga still being released, there is plenty of source material to adapt into anime.

Let’s look forward to its future.

What is the Release Date of Epispode 24 of My Hero Academia Season 5 ?

The English dub version of this episode will arrive on Funimation and Toonami around three to four weeks after the episode premieres.

MHA Season 5 contains a total of 25 episodes this season, and fans are looking forward to its episode which is being aired every week.

The official release time for My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 24 on Crunchyroll is 2:30 AM PDT on September 18.

However, this release time will change for fans watching within a different time zone.

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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 24 Preview

The title of Episode 24 is titled “Shigariki’s Origin” which will feature the worst possible helping hand that Shigaraki has i.e. All For One’s.

The true intentions of the Shigaraki will reveal in the next episode along with its origin. This episode will be the key to know the League of Villians

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