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My Hero Academia Manga Returns Back On Friday , Sept 17 With Chapter 326

It’s not every day that we see a very magnificent and most heart-warming manga chapters. On Friday the 17th, my hero academia manga saw its return with the release of chapter 326. Chapter 326 left every viewer in an awe, totally unexpected yet totally accepted.

Everyone was waiting for my hero academia manga to return from the 2 week break. No one anticipated the story board of chapter 326 to be so refined and heart-warming. This article will guide you through the chapter 326 of my hero academia manga.

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~~ Chapter 326 – A Hope Disguised as Terror ~~

Chapter 326 marked the return of the most fan favorite and uncanny villain STAIN. The return of the stain was highly anticipated as the Mangaka teased a few times in manga 320 and 321. Stain unknown of All Might’s reduced state was highly disappointed and spouts words of wisdom and hope into All Might’s depressed mind.

With Deku shouldering unaccounted burdens over his shoulder, Deku asks All Might to not follow him anymore as he’s already more powerful as All Might could ever had been. These words may sound harsh but was for All Might’s sake. Even though All Might understood what Deku meant, but, the fact that he’s no more the ‘Symbol of peace’ still aches him till today.

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In these tough times, Stain reminds All Might that his quirk has nothing to do with the hopes people embed in their hearts. The Symbol of Peace is an unfathomable hope that surpasses everyone’s Distress to bring hope. A hope that can even set the hearts on fire.

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~~ Chapter 327: What to Expect? ~~

At the end of chapter 326 we see stain asking all might to end him as a villain. Stain suggests all might his hope is far greater than what he thinks of. The hero All Might is the Symbol of Peace for now and forever. All Might must find stain back and end his life as the Hero Killer Stain.

But chapter 326 shown no panel including Midoriya or whatever is going on the other side. This leaves us with the highest probability of All Might returning to UA detention Camp and spreading the Hope that heroes are here. All Might will surely remind Midoriya to not forget his main aim to become hero was not to shoulder burden but to say with a broad smile “I’m here!!”

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Chapter 327 will most probably revolve around UA Detention camp, All Might and villain attacks where Deku will have to go ‘PLUS ULTRA’.

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