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My Hero Academia Manga Goes On A Week Break !!!

My Hero Academia goes on a one week break following the release of chapter 330 on 16th October 2021. The manga highlighted the one week break keenly at the end of chapter 330.

~~ Chapter 329: Flashback ~~

My Hero Academia Chapter 329 followed and revolved around the character who was recently introduced as the most probable threat to villains. The lady from west, following the legacy of All-Might steps foot in the conflict between Shigaraki and heroes to get a better outcome.

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Although most about her is still in the shadows but we do know that AFO is scared of her. AFO’s fright for this woman paves way for the some great developments. AFO is known to be the most formidable opponent and is capable of harnessing multiple quirks. Even so, AFO is shown being scared of this lady, is not a mere façade.

Getting close to the end of the chapter we see this woman confronted by newly awakened Shigaraki. AFO’s plan is to confront her and steal her quirk to spread despair amongst the heroes. With the blue and red striped look reminiscent of All-Might, we see the Lady from west confronting Shigaraki at the end.

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~~ Chapter 330: A Leap for Future ~~

Following the developments from My hero academia chapter 329, we see a brand new Shigaraki in chapter 330. A formidable Shigaraki who is actually capable of manipulating multiple quirks on his own. The story board follows the fight sequence between Shigaraki and the new lady hero.

We were left in an awe with her monstrous strength and rather peculiar quirk. Her quirk allows her to command whatever object she touches. She herself has amended her body with this quirk to replicate All-Might’s strength. With the fight getting ferocious, is there still some suspense left?

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At the end of the chapter 330 we see Shigaraki being consumed by AFO’s wraith. Being consumed by AFO, Shigaraki once again harbors those immaculate feelings of his past. At the last panel of the Chapter, we see the house of Nana Shimura’s Son. And that’s where the storyboard leads us to.

~~ My Hero Academia Chapter 331: Predictions ~~

Following the latest developments from chapter 330, we expect a cut to Shigaraki’s past. A past where Shigaraki is yet to defile by AFO and a past which still stores his innocence. There we might expect Shigaraki to find redemption. A redemption strong enough to prevent him getting swallowed by AFO.

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We see our new character ‘Stars and Stripes’ with her quirk ‘New-Order’ witnessing the scene in front of Shigaraki. For some or the other reason, I believe she will relate to Shigaraki’s conditions and will help him.

There are millions of possibility of what to happen in Chapter 331, but one thing for sure, Shigaraki will be the main key feature of the upcoming publishing.

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