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My Hero Academia Characters Ranked from Worst To Best

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shonen anime with some breath taking quality characters.

My Hero Academia characters are one of the best example of dynamic relationship between the characters and anyone who has seen this anime can attest to it.

The series contain some dope experience filled u to the brim with mind blowing anime, amazing soundtrack and exciting plot. One could never got tired of watching this show.

So without further adieu, let’s start our list of My Hero Academia Characters Ranked from Worst To Best:

11. Minoru Mineta

Minoru Mineta is introduced as the tiny little pervert who wants to become pro hero for being popular among girls.

He has the worst quirk one could get but that was the demand of the plot. Creator does the excellent work by showing how useless one’s quirk can be, it has their own value.

But Mineta is not just last in the list because of his quirk, his personality is also rotten to the core.

10. Ojiro Mashirao

Ojiro Mashirao is the student of UA of class 1-A. His quirk is his tail.

Every character has shown some development from the start of the series even the minor characters but Mashiro doesn’t get much popularity among the fans.

His plainness is a major turned off for the audience and he hasn’t achieve something worth remembering which makes him less talented among other UA students.

9. Tomura Shigaraki

And next in the list is a villain, Tomura Shigaraki, the head of League of Villains.

The nature of this character is quite twisted and that’s what make him best for the show.

His evil plot and intention to destroy the UA and the life of pro heroes is what make this show enthralling and even more enjoying.

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8. Keigo Takami

Hawk is introduced as No. 2 hero After Endeavor. Despite being rude he is more of a human character and its easy to empathize with him.

The fact that he acknowledged his own shortcomings yet never uses them as an excuse is quite praising.

His laid-back in his heroic actions is a testament to just how deep and misunderstood a character he really is.

7. Enji Todoroki

When Endeavor is introduced he was No. 2 Pro Hero after All might and after All might is retired he was promoted to N0. 1 Hero.

Thsi character has shown one f the greates development in the enitre show.

At the end of Season 4, his fight with Nomu is a testament to his growth as a character and the lengths he is finally decided to go for justice.

6. Shota Aizawa

Eraser Head is one of the coolest pro hero of this show. Not to mention he is the homeroom teacher of class 1-A too.

He has an amazing Quirk, which allows him to shut off other Quirk users powers when he looks at them.

Finally, he’s got a fair amount of screen time, hence has the one of the coolest visuals in the series, with his goggles and all-black outfit.

5. Toshinori Yagi

All Might is symbol of peace and standing above all the pro heroes. He has a amazing craze among its fan and admirable characters on the entire show.

His sense of Justice, fortitude and the iconic character design gives all the more reason to adore him.

With that being said, All Might’s is a sideline character who role is to just give the MC a reason to surpass the legend.

4. Mirio Togata

Mirio Togato is a quite remaarkable hero, closest to being the No 1. Pro hero. He has a character quite similar to Midoriya but well developed.

Togata is the best answer to what will happen if heroes failed to protect someone? Though he has different depth to his character but at the end where he losses his quirk to protect someone was heart warming scene.

In my opinion, he is the victim of a plot otherwise he can be the protagonist of the show.

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3. Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is an another guy with amazing quirk and quite supported by his fandom.

He has quite overwhelming powers which makes him quite beloved character. Shoto shows remarkable growth in his behavior as compared to his usual self.

2. Izuku Midoriya

The protagonist has its own charm and add glitters to this anime. He is aiming to become No.1 pro hero even surpassing the All Might.

His character is developed most in the previous season. While other shonen MC tend to go bold and loud, Izuku is on the calmer and smarter part of the spectrum.

1. Katsuki Bakugo

The popularity of Katsuki Bakugo is came as a surprise to its creator too.

Bakugo is introduced as a bully who is just opposite of Midoriya. He is bold, loud and is always on the hot side of a rod.

Despite his behavior Bakugo is quite asset to the Pro Hero. He is talented, reasonable and his decision is quite on the spot and one can have blind trust on his strength.

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