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16+ Most Kickass Anime Villains Of All Time Who Were More Liked Than Protagonists

Heroes are all well and good, but when it comes to anime Villains, the anime achieve even greater heights.

Anime villains can also be considered as the keystone to bring the best out of our Hero.

Moreover, heroes are the talented ones or the ones who got lucky and get their power by flukes like Midoriya from MHA or Elric brothers from Brotherhood.

But not entirely, have you forgotten about Asta and Naruto? But this article is about villains so our focus should be on them.

And as we know the villains are those who really worked hard to obtain those powers and really cherish them. We don’t have to forget that exceptions do apply in these cases.

There are dozen of anime villains we can talk about and some of them are even capable of destroying the entire planet or galaxies.

So, let’s have a look at some of the antagonists that can be regarded as the best anime villains of all time.

17. En (Dorohedoro)

Anime villains

En is one of those villains that you know you shouldn’t like on the first day. But will grow to like them, no matter what terrible things they did in the past.

As the leader of the En Family, he can turn people into mushrooms using magic.

Despite being a monster, he takes in useless people like Ebisu and Fujita and cares for them. Even though those people are no use to him be it magic or life.

16. Bryan Hawk (Hajime no Ippo: Rising)

Anime villains

Hawk is everything that a villain should have. He is belligerent, lazy, and disrespectful and at least every fans hate him for what he is.

He is shown Takamura’s barrier of entry to the world championship. Though he was the biggest hurdle that Takamura has overcame in his life of boxing.

15. Rachel (Tower of God)

Anime villains

The best antagonists in anime are usually the ones you didn’t saw coming. The same goes for Rachel.

Everyone believes Rachel to be the protagonist’s friend but also his reason for living and possible love interest.

But she became jealous of his natural abilities with the magic of Shinshu and even his talent of making friends thus, she chooses to try and kill him.

She also lies about his death to everyone for pity. Little did she know Bam survives the fall and will come looking for the answer in season 2.

14. Ryô Asuka (Devilman Crybaby)

Anime villains

Ryô Asuka is everything Akira is not.

Ryo is Satan and unknowingly he only cares for Akira and is driven by his own self-interests, Ryô has expertise in manipulating, killing, and hurting others because it’s what he wants and thinks is right.

He is a downright symbol of evil and even punished by God to relive the mistake for eternity, constantly revived and set to repeat the same mistake.

13. Mahito (JuJutsu Kaisen)

Anime villains

Ever since this blue-haired, stitched-up spirit Mahito arrives on the scene in the show, nothing but bad things occur.

He shows little to no remorse for his actions, thinking of them more as a game, and it seems like he is only sure to get stronger the older he gets.

All this game of life and death gives him the ultimate pleasure. He lives only for killing only.

12. Touichirou Suzuki (Mob Psycho II)

Anime villains

Touichirou Suzuki is what villains should be like, evil to the core.

The older he got, the brasher he became, acting the complete opposite of Mob(MC), thinking that this power made him untouchable.

And thus he recruits, manipulates, and kidnaps Espers to form an army to dominate the world.

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11. Garou (One Punch Man)

Anime villains

Garou is the best example of what happens when society isn’t kind to children, turning them into monsters.

Well, Garou isn’t just a regular bad guy who likes to kill people. He has shown kindness to children, even putting his life on the line for one of them.

Also, despite how much he talks about killing his opponents, just about everyone we’ve seen him fight doesn’t die, though he does brutalize them.

10. All for One (My Hero Academia)

All For One appearance on the screen was among the most iconic villain entry in anime history.

He effortlessly takes down a number of Pro Heroes, such as the phenomenal Best Jeanist. It took every ounce of All Might power to defeat All For One.

All For One is defeated by the United States of Smash, but he still continues to manipulate the situation from his cell in the inescapable prison.

9. Johan Liebert (Monster)

Anime villains

Johan is the antagonist who manipulates people into committing murders, toying with their emotions until they become insane or comment suicide.

He does this all from the shadows, and almost as soon as his twisted games are over he vanishes again into thin air.

8. Meruem (Hunter X Hunter)

Here’s another non-human villain with an amazing design. So far, Meruem has been the strongest character in the Hunter X Hunter.

He has high learning ability with unlimited strength, speed, agility, and has a crazy pain tolerance to the point of feeling nothing.

On top of it, he is a super-genius, which makes him one of the most dangerous anime villains of all time.

7. King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

We all loved this anime and Wrath has always been the best villain and ofc the seven deadly homunculi, but he stood out against the rest.

Not only is he the biggest challenge for the Elric brothers, but he’s also the most powerful out of all of them.

6. Griffith (Berserk)

As angelic as Griffith looks in appearances, the more evil is his nature.

He’s the Supreme Commander of the Midland Regular Army and, with that title, comes nice abilities that rank him high on our list.

Griffith killed his former comrades without any hesitation and now Guts wants his blood in order to avenge his comrades.

5. Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer)

Muzan Kibutsuji is not any simple antagonist. He is the villain that stands above all, his act of villainous piles up day by day.

He is responsible for the death of Tanjiro’s entire family and turning Nezuko into a demon. Muzan doesn’t care who he has to sacrifice or kill, as long as he stays on top.

He is known to kill and curse his own kind too. The word mercy isn’t found in his dictionary.

4. Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)

Frieza has made his mark as one of the greatest villains of the Dragon Ball universe time and time again.

He really has a cool alien design and was born with unusually strong power for his kind. He totally believes in world domination.

Each time he transforms, Frieza grows much stronger. No one is matched for him when it comes to his pure, raw power.

3. Zeke Yeager (Attack on Titan)

In his Titan form, Zeke Yeager is known as Beast Titan. He is the sole reason that majority of the characters we care about in Paradis were killed.

He is one of the largest Titans in the series and has the ability to launch items with extreme accuracy and harden its body.

2. Light Yagami (Death Note)

Death Note was a classic anime and with Light Yagami as its main antagonist.

In this anime, we have witnessed how a high school boy become a mass murderer as he descends into madness.

In the end, we watched our main character lose his battle.

1. Madara Uchiha ( Naruto)

Who hasn’t heard of Madara Uchiha, the leader of the Uchiha clan in Naruto.

His chakra and physical powers were far above the other uchihas.

Before his final death, he was considered relatively indestructible. He was truly one of the most powerful antagonists in the series.

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