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Martial Peak : Taking manga the Chinese way !!

The Chinese ay is simple and sophisticated. Take a main character, start him as a useless piece of trash and train him till he become a literal god. Martial Peak does the same in most of its core. The main character, named Yang Kai, starts his legacy as a total outcast. He is known to be the weakest and most pathetic student in the Ling Xiao sect.

The legacy of Yang Kai in Martial Peak is no less than a mythological story. Although it’s a fantasy and progression based manga, the true essence is still martial arts. In martial arts department, Martial peak doesn’t faze to amaze us.

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~~ Martial Peak: The Synopsis ~~

The story has a study and upright start. The main character is shown pathetic and more or less loser in most aspects. But, in order to change the obvious, a great miracle is needed. The miracle shows itself in front of Yank Kai in the form of ‘Black Book’.

The so called black book may look normal at first, but is no way normal. It’s an infinite storage space sort of dimensional pocket. There exists the demonic remains of the greatest demon ever existed. This changes the Yang Kai from the core and he is no more pathetic loser.

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Although the black cook provided Yang Kai with demonic favors, but acquiring the powers were no joke. The ‘Golden Skeleton’ from the black book dimensional space, changes the overall bone framework of Yang Kai. This process was highly painful and nearly unbearable. Yet, Yang Kai managed to break through the hurdle and achieve greater powers.

Later in the story, it’s found that the so called Black book, is actually the Demon’s inheritance legacy. The Golden Skeleton along with golden blood are the remnants of great demon. As such, Yank Kai is supposed to be the demonic successor of the great demon. This fact was enough to assure the support of demon kingdom and beast kingdom and loyalty towards Yang kai.

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~~ Where the story takes you? ~~

Talking about the story is a whole different level of madness. There are three worlds, the Human realm, Tong Xuan realm and starry space realm. The human realm is the place where nearly 3\5th of the story takes place. The most cultivation is achieved by Yang Kai in the Human realm itself. But, later on in the story, Yang Kai comes across a space void corridor, which takes him to the Tong Xuan realm. In the Tong Xuan realm, there occurs another space corridor which warps him in the starry space realm. But the atrocities were not limited to just such lengths.

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The highest cultivation grade from human realm was Transcendent Returning Realm, which was supposed to be most primitive and bottom of the hierarchy in Tong Xuan realm. But, similarly, the highest grade of cultivation in Tong Xuan realm was saint king realm. This was supposed to be the bottom and most easily acquired realm in the starry sky and As Yang Kai travels between these worlds, he gains greater knowledge of the higher cultivations.

For the latest episode/chapter, Yank Kai is currently Origin Returning Second Stage cultivator with the known highest cultivation being the Emperor Grade.

~~ A Hit or a Drop? ~~

Not only the story, but Martial peak has a lot to offer to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. There is heavy traces of lewd and intercourse related materials in between the chapters. The ‘ecchi’ essence is highly valued in the manga, and sure makes it a worthwhile read and with uncensored chapters, viewers get to enjoy not only brutal fight scenes but also eloping lewd scenes. For such a cause, martial peak is a must read and whether it be action, drama, romance or maybe it be pure bloodthirst battles, Martial Peak does it all better.

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With over 1490 chapter till date, crossing 1500 chapters mark is a soon cause. The manga made me read all 1490 chapters without much break. This is indulging, eloping and more or less fantastic in sense of artwork and story board. This makes it a must read.

Thank you for reading this article. We are Animastic you are fantastic and see you next time, till then Sayonara.

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