Makoto Shinkai’s Legacy: Suzume No Tojimari

Makoto Shinkai, the producer of world renowned movies like Your Name, Weathering with you, Garden of Words, etc, is back with the project Suzume No Tojimari. This was teased via Poster and release date is said to be fall 2022 in japan.

Suzume no Tojimari , where ‘Suzume’ is a noun, referring to a certain someone and ‘Tojimari’ refers to a locked door, More sophisticated translation of this would be ‘ Suzume’s Locked Door).

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~~ A Brief Foray into Plot ~~

‘Suzume’ is a 17-year-old girl who resides in a quiet town down the mountains in Kyushu. Yet again we see Makoto Shinkai’s Magic where the real world places influence the terrain of the anime atmosphere to its core.

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Her fate was bound to a young traveller, whom she meets on an odd day. The traveller seeks an answer for his question. “Where’s the DOOR?” Then follows a mysterious journey where they discover an old DOOR surrounded by ruins and an unbound story unfolds.

~~ The Legacy at its Best ~~

Makoto Shinkai is well known for his slice-of-life instilled Romance Dramas. But, with recent projects like Your Name and Weathering with You, Makoto has put great emphasis on turning the FATE of the Main characters.

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Following the plot of Your Name, Taki twist the plane of time and travels back in time to rescue the female lead. Reminiscent to this, in Weathering with You, we see Hodaka jumping into unforeseen phenomenon to rescue the female lead. The basic plotline of Suzume no Tojimari suggests some reminiscence.

~~ Cast Uncovered ~~

Although none of the voice actors or dubbing artists have been advertised yet, but we still got our hands on some information . Shinkai is once again collaborating with Tanaka Masayoshi, who previously worked on Your Name and Weathering with You. Following this Tsuchiya Kenchi is lead animation Director and Tanji Takumi is the art director.

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All these discovered Crew members are former teammates and colleagues of Makoto Shinkai. We may see some unprecedented names, But, lets hope for this project’s Success.

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