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Madhouse | Hunter X Hunter

 Well ! Starting with one of the greatest work of Madhouse ” Hunter X Hunter” . It excelled in his plot, lurching action and characterization but its popularity isn’t on the level it should be. I decided to write this review to do the show justice. If a show this good is still flying under your radar or if you are discouraged from watching this because of its “childish appearance” then reading this review is a must.


Story: 9

As you all have already know the plot of Hunter X Hunter, it does stands out from most other Shonen ever made. There is a kid that decides to go on an adventure,to find his dad and become Hunter It doesn’t come off as a very complex or intriguing story/plot, nor is there a generic/forgettable cast and an amassed other facts that would remind you of how forgettable this show probably is. Believe me it’s not.

Beyond the first few episodes which this generalised speculation derives from, you will see that this show differs from most shounen in terms of intelligence and the pacing of the whole show throughout each arc is outstanding. this show contain very little or no fillers which makes it less annoying unlike Naruto.

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Characters: 10

Hunter X Hunter really shines in the character design. Most Shonen do not have the best cast of characters that anime has to provide to the community. The friendship that I witnessed between the main cast was purely amazing and the sincerity between them was something to go gaga over it. It is realistic and evolves over a long period of time.

What makes the characters of Hunter X Hunter more likely to watch is thier antagonist, the antagonists are just as likable as the protagonists. Every character is very well developed. According to me the main 3 characters which I personally adore is: Gon, Killua and Meruem.

Art and Animation: 10

When watching an anime with too many episodes, one would have a great expectation from art and animation. However, Madhouse did a great job at keeping the animation and art as consistent as possible. The huge amount of money that was spent purely on the animation hit the road. You will see that Madhouse used their best animators to produce anime and characters design. Battle sequences are as well a proof of how much effort is poured into this show, as the studio does not tend to slack off.

The opening and endings of animation improves significantly which blows my mind when comparing the differences in appearance. Animation is good there’s no doubt about it, whether be it in the beginning or at the end.

Sound: 9

The opening: ‘Departure’ is used throughout the entire anime although it switches between two different versions of the song, as well as changing the animation sequence each time. I like the opening very much and didn’t even skip it when watching the series; instead I shouted on the top of my lungs along to the music.

The endings are all truly mind blowing in my opinion and I love all the songs that are presented in this anime. The credibility must be given to the voice actors. The brilliancy we have experienced and the emotions that is spurted through words is extraordinary.

Enjoyment: 10

Wow! what a magnificent show. It literally engrossed you from 1st episode to the last. It gives you urges to watch the next episode after experiencing the wonderful ending of each arc. I not once felt bored during and the pacing is wonderful. There’s not a single moment that leaves the viewer wanting to skip ahead or fast-forward. As a result, I am almost certain that you will watch this show, which took a piece of my heart.

Overall: 10

Believe me this show is a very close to a masterpiece of this genre gets. Don’t be fooled by seeing the poster anime and don’t drop it due to its slow start. See this through the end and you will have a truly miraculous experience.

Thank you for reading my review of Hunter x Hunter. Do comment below how helpful this review was to you. Any suggestions and advice is welcome.

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