Madhouse | Death Note | Anime Review

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Death Note is one of the best anime series of all time produced by Madhouse, it depicts a unique and enthralling story . I can truly say it is one of the best mystery-thriller anime released during the fall 2006 .

Madhouse | Death Note

Story: 9.5

The story is unique. When Light Yagami finds a notebook known as the Death Note, he takes justice into his own hands. After killing a number of criminals, the top-ranking detective, L, is asked to investigate the case. A back and forth battle of wits between two geniuses; Light wants to create a new world, while L wants to bring Kira, Light’s alias, to justice. This presents the viewers with a extremely debatable theme supported morals and justice. Yagami, obtains this power to kill, utilizes it in hopes of making a utopia within which he’s god. Criminals, and solely criminals, to be rebuked in hopes of an ideal society. Is that this but, right? Is it right to kill people have done wrong, and can do wrong again? Will they be reformed? Death Note presents the viewers with queries like these, queries that can not be simply answers.

However this debatable topic isn’t the series uniqueness. Death Note gets a 9.5 within the story department, attributable to the approach the plot unravels. With nice and power and ambition, Yagami  is forced to play a game of cat and mouse with those that get to detain him. L tries to persecute Light is something that I like in this anime. The first 15 episodes will something to go gaga over it as the suspense hangs over their individual methods for identifying the other. Must a watch.

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Characters: 10

Light and L are the most interesting and intellectual characters I’ve ever seen in an anime. Although both are geniuses, they both possesses that sure one thing that may cause you to root for one to win this deathmatch. Light’s charismatic, yet extremely demented character gives you reason to watch his conquests and failures. L’s quirky, yet highly intelligent qualities does the same for him. Both the characters are liked by fans. Character development is one of the important factor. Notably with Light as you witness his calm, shrewd figure being to crack into a infuriating and reckles mess. Obsessed and overtaken by his dream of conquest with the Death Note, he modifies greatly from the start of the series.

Sound: 9

Yet another brilliant aspect of Death Note. I believe that its the soundtrack that make this anime a remarkable one. The opera, holy-like music also adds greatly to Light’s character and goal of becoming God in his new world. The only flaw here resides in the second opening which at first, may seem disgusting to you. But as you continue to watch the series you will notice just how well it fits Light’s demented mind and how everything he has achieved beings to shatter around his feet.

Art/Animation: 9

And again, amazingly done. The dark colours suit the anime utterly, and therefore the characters and scenery are all done astonishingly well. I mean, the anime created writing with a pen look cool. The approach they created it zoom across that piece of paper … In terms of animation, the pen wins. It truly does. But seriously, there isn’t much action going on here, so there wasn’t much to animate.

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Overall: 10

I was watching the series when it was airing, and those weeks of waiting nearly made me insane. That was how good this anime was. The suspense was mind blowing. The action of Light is talk able and complexity that makes the anime shine, in addition to its ability to carve suspense and anticipation into its viewers. This anime really hit the platform. You may hate it but it is definitely an anime worth the watch.

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