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Juujika no Rokunin: A Twisted Story Of 6 !!

juujika no rokunin is a twisted and dark manga. This mayn’t suit the tastebuds of most, but for some crackheads like me, its a jewel to my eye. ‘Juujika’ in simpler terms mean ‘crazy in the head’ and ‘rokunin’ suggests ‘six entities’. if you thought that there could be no manga painful than redo of healer, then this might catch you in a shock. Unbound gore, unprecedented turn of events and the crazy storyboard makes it a must watch story of vengeance.

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~~ The 5 Twisted kids ~~

The story revolves around five twisted kids who are underage. they are crazed up of the fact that they would never be detained for heinous crimes. At the very most, they can end up in juvenile detention for a year or so. Shigoku Kyou, probably the leader, suggests that they should KILL before they turn into adults.

So, these crazed kids gang up on a boy, named Uruma Shun. they did all sorts of heinous deeds including all sorts of physical harm. starting from usual bullying to painful and unimaginable deeds, they did everything to Shun. So sooner or later, Shun tells his family about his bullying and they transferred schools.

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But, not long after the five twisted kids plans the murder of Shun’s parents and they succeed. in the steep hill driveway, Kyou pushes one of the lackeys in front of the car. in order to save the kid, Shun’s mother drives away from the road, falling into the cliff.

But, they planned and executed all of this while Shun was on the phone with Kyou (the leader). This left a lasting Hole in Shun’s heart and lead him to the narrow boundary between Evil and Good.

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~~ Vengeance Till Redemption ~~

With vengeance in heart and a frail body, Shun moves in with his grandfather who lived up in the mountains. Upon reaching there, he finds out a secret basement, where all sorts of weaponry and other torture devices were stored. Shun was confused and motivated at the same time and picks up the gun in reflex to his vengeance. But, soon his grandfather walks in and puts some sense into his actions.

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Apparently, Shun’s grandfather was a war veteran from World War 2. Special secret cell for whom he worked was the Kitayama Corps and the Kitayama Corps excelled in physical torture and information gathering. Shun’s grandfather guarantees him to drill all the painful knowledge into him in order to exact his revenge.

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After 4 years of harsh training and mid strengthening, Shun finally departs for his revenge. his brother, who survived from the accident, is hospitalized since that incident. With vengeance and revenge in heart and a pair of eyes full of hatred, Shun departs to return their favors.

This, if not best, is the one and only gore manga that made me nearly puke. if you though that the bullying Shun undergone was cruel, then wait for Shun’s Vengeance. Shun with the knowledge of Kitayama corps will surely leave you in satisfaction.

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