Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: A weird DRIFT from Originality!!

The jujutsu Kaisen manga displayed great potential as it aired on global screens. The animation lit the hearts of jujutsu Kaisen manga fans and made the manga much more anticipating. The manga was in a very good flow, the story followed an interesting plotline, the characters were undergoing major developments and the storyboard as a whole was evolving. Until it didn’t.

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~~ What’s the story?? ~~

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga started off as a Kickstarter shounen manga. The manga showed great potential at the early stages. The story made the viewers glued onto their screens and read it in one go. Until it didn’t.

The jujutsu Kaisen manga universe follows a world where there exists cursed spirits and cursed objects. The story followed the main character Itadori Yuuji, who was an above average college student. On one fateful day he comes across a curse-warding object, which was used to throw off cursed spirits. On the same day, Itadori Yuuji consumes a cursed object that changes his entire life.

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The consumed cursed object is actually the finger of a highly contagious and widely known spirit named Sukuna. After consuming this, however, Itadori Yuuji survives the contamination and is now forced by circumstances to be a curse spirit executioner.

Itadori is then enrolled into a jujutsu academy, where he is taught the ways to manipulate curse and ward off cursed spirits. But, the Sukuna inside Yuuji starts to manifest and cause disasters. Soon Yuuji meets his destiny and decides to become powerful enough to be capable of suppressing Sukuna.

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~~ Where’s the DRIFT? ~~

The story initially showed great potential and was actually quite gripping. But, in the later stages of the manga, we see the main focus drifting from the initial plotline. The story board got complicated and the focus shifted from main objective to something that’s still pretty hazy.

Jujutsu Kaisen manga shifted its way from the original plotline, since the original author got sick back in 2021. When the author picked back the pending work, the change in plotline was so obvious. We saw the change from episode 149. The storyboard where Mai dies and bestowed cursed energy to Maki, is the turning point of the whole manga.

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Story started to focus on the environmental development and the main character was no longer Itadori Yuuji. Everyone , at this point of time, was the main character of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga. Gojo Satoru was no longer in the JJK universe, rather was sealed due to some cursed object. The greatest character ,Gojo Satoru, was no longer in the picture.

The storyboard then focused on overpowering Maki, Fushiguro and all other prominent characters in the scene. At first, the enormous side characters seemed to be a move to not let Itadori Yuuji feel loneliness. But, now every side character is shown as the next big thing. This shifted the focus from Yuuji to Jujutsu Kaisen Manga as a whole.

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~~ What did the Drift Caused? ~~

This drift was a risky yet brave move from the author. The move proved to have positive impact, but if not, would’ve ruined the whole franchise. For the better, viewers are now getting the gravity of the situation and are connecting with the characters. Regardless of their individual significance in the story, we are getting to see how awesome they actually are.

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The individual developments highlighted by the author are truly remarkable. The strength and emotional capabilities of funny characters like Panda, is shown astronomically. Fushiguro had indeed undergone major changes and is now capable of performing the Cursed Domain Expansion. The Chimera Shadow Garden has been shown to be near completion in latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga.

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Gojo satoru is not the only great character in Jujutsu Kaisen manga. All side characters are evolving to a point, where the loss of anyone would instill great feeling of distress among fans.

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