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Infinity Train Season 3 : A Magic From the House of HBO !!

You maybe from any Age Group , any preferential goat , but when it comes to Animation , different countries take it differently. Japanese Animations , aka Anime , are highly focused on plots and characters making the story much more submerging and interesting. Much over 20% of Japan’s economy is from Anime. But , America has a different take on the genre itself . Infinity train season 3 : The Cult of Conductor , is yet another part of the original series Infinity Train that surprised me .

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Infinity Train

Howsoever The genre from American studios be quite specific , the story may not be . The Infinity Train Season 3 , named as Cult Of Conductor is full of twists and turns as the story unfolds. Although for kids, its not that shabby for adults.

~~ Story Theory : Plot has Some Glory ! ~~

Initially started off as a cartoon network exclusive , infinity Train set it’s eyes on the premiere on 2016. And that was the point of no return! With minimalistic animation and enjoyable plot , infinity train season 3 in particular , made remarkable progresses. Infinity Train S3 was set to motion by HBO studios in August 2020 and the fourth season is still under the way .

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Infinity Train Season 4

The story is rather peculiar and interesting at the same time . There exists an infinite train , being endless and probably infinitely l ong . The Train is the main focus of all infinity train series , but rather specifically infinity train season 3 .

The premiere on HBO being 10 episodes long , hit the sweet spot. Being not too long and neither too small for a series , infinity train season 3 opened new gates of opportunities for itself . The Train is a gigantic, mysterious and seemingly endless train . Traveling through a barren landscape, whose cars contain a variety of bizarre, fantastical and impossible environments .

Welp , its too much fantasy to digest , but this is an Animated series , and we are diligent to look past the issue .


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Passengers on the train complete challenges as they proceed from car to car . This helps them resolve their psychological trauma and emotional issues. Every season of  Infinity Train follows its own storyline and set of characters. Although they are all set in the same universe, But  some characters appear across different seasons. This creates a lot of openings for surprises and crossover cameo scenes . This Further improves the viewer experience as a whole .

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All four seasons of  Infinity Train  have received critical acclaims for their complex themes , characters, animation style and other minor yet major aspects . HBO Max studios were concerned that this was too dark and unappealing to children.   However , this made it a definite binge for all the adults with Animation interest out there. The fourth season is However seen as the final season of  Infinity Train Series .

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~~ Episode List : Infinity Train Season 3 ~~

As previously mentioned , the Infinity Train Season 3 revolves around the whole scenario in 10 episodes of madness. The 10 episodes of the infinity train season 3 : Cult of The Conductor are heavily influenced by the keyword ‘car’ , referring to the compartments of the Infinity Train.

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  • E01; The Musical Car .
  • E02: The Jungle Car .
  • E03: The Debutante Ball Car .
  • E04: Le Chat Chalet Car .
  • E05: The Clock Clock Car .
  • E06: The Campfire Car .
  • E07: The Canyon of Golden Winged Car .
  • E08: The Hey Ho Whoa Car .
  • E09: The Origami Car .
  • E10: The New Apex .

~~ The Verdict For This Animation ~~

Initially being focused to the kid’s liking , infinity train series saw a major shift in audience with the Cult of Conductor . The HBO studios did a very great amount of work to put this masterpiece on the table . Everyone savored the great plot and unconditional fantasies shown in this Animated series. The Infinity train season 3 : Cult of the Conductor, despite being released in 2020 , saw great success in every age group.

YouTube :

The story takes the charm , the animation takes the glory and the screenplay takes the attention. The perfect trio , which made Infinity Train season 3 a must watch , and a great binge too .

Okay , this was aarima , we are Animastic and you are Fantastic . see you next time , till then Sayonara .

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