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Hand-Picked and Esteemed Manga Reding Apps for you !

Manga is the root cause of every great anime. As such there are abundance of, manga reading apps. But, there’s always some difficulties that make our manga experience very bad. Unwanted Adult ads or getting redirected to an entirely different web location is not a pleasant experience.

And so, I’m here to list out the best manga reading apps that will prevent you from experiencing bad viewer experience. But, let me remind you, these apps are not free of cost. No author or publisher will give away their works for free. This is a gentle reminder that illegally watching manga is economically unprecedented for the authors.

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1. Viz Manga

Viz Media is already very profound in anime distribution industry and has a wide grasp over the manga industry as well. Their Manga app allows the user to seamlessly park over between one manga to other in search of greatness. The manga shown in the Viz media are actually free in some sense, the manga which are released recently are free, but one has to pay in order to read chapters that were released in the past.

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As such, Viz has their own twist and their take on manga reading apps. This peculiar scheme of Viz media makes it very user friendly for people who are already caught up with the current developments and hope to legally read future chapters.

2. Shonen Jump

Shonen Jump is the official publisher in Japan. Being released weekly, Shonen Jump features all manga chapters that were in heavy demand past week. Series like My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen and Black Clover are weekly published in Shonen Jump.

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The Digital version of the Shonen Jump is then made available on their Manga reading apps. Reminiscent to Viz Media, Shonen Jump allows you to access few contents for free. But, if you want to discover it all, then you’ll have to get paid subscriptions. Considering the huge selection of Manga’s, it literally one of the best options out there.

3. Crunchyroll

Anyone into anime and manga have already heard of Crunchyroll. But, did you know? Crunchyroll has its own assorted selection of manga !! Furthermore, the Crunchyroll even has one of a kind Manga reading apps which is very user friendly and indeed seamless. The lightweight app and the assorted selection of Manga makes it a great choice.

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Although cheaper in some aspects, Crunchyroll is a must install manga service that will let you legally read manga’s at cheaper rates.

4. Manga Plus

Manga Plus comes under direct supervision and publishing of Shueisha. Shueisha is a very well renowned and recognised Publisher of Shonen Jump. This is also a sister company for American Publisher Viz Media. In addition to all the shonen jump series, the subscribers get to witness the early preceding of next-gen manga.

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This service is actually free, and is only chargeable for the customers who want long term exploitation of the service. The general layout involves the first few chapters of the manga and latest few chapters of the manga being free. Apart from this the intermediate chapters cost you a subscription.

5. Book Walker

This is a global eBook store for manga and light novels. It’s the Walmart of Manga and Light Novels. With unending selection of Manga and light novels of public interest, it’s a must download app for manga enthusiasts. Howsoever good the collection and library be, there is one alarming condition. The app is based on Tokyo, so the currency exchanges might be a pain in the head.

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But, apart from that, we get coins on every purchase that are redeemable and does make out for the loss. Well, this may be the best for some and may not be the best manga reading apps for some other. But, for the time being, it’s the best an otaku can desire of.

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This were the few hand-picked and redeemed selection of manga reading apps that you may find yourself indulged onto.

We are Animastic, you are fantastic. Take care and Sayonara !!

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