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God Of Highschool Anime : A One-Shot Banger !!

God of highschool anime is one of the anime , which is adapted perfectly from their Native Mnhwa / Manhua. Although Pretty close the anime don’t manage to amaze the viewers . The Anime is adapted to the epitome of perfection . But , the flaw lies in the story board itself .

God Of Highschool : The Animation

The god of highschool packs in a lot of drama , emotion , action, and a lot of action at that . However , just mastering one aspect of life doesn’t make a man complete . similarly , there are many traces where the anime felt incomplete.

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The story of god of highschool Anime revolves around our main character and protagonist of the Anime , Morie Jin . Morie JIn is a young and enthusiastic teen who takes part in a tournament named ‘God Of Highschool’ .

The main focus of the  God of Highschool Anime is the ‘God of Highschool tournament’ itself. The prosperous God Of Highschool tournament is an event where the best fighter all around the globe , gathers in Seoul , South Korea . to fight amongst each other .

The winner of the god of highschool tournament experiences various benefits . May it be economical , Political or any other aspects within the reach of GOH administration . So , the story is more or less , a story about how an ordinary highschool student , Jin Morie , Competes amongst the finest martial arts enthusiast . in a life or death situation , and probably wins the God Of Highschool Tournament .

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But, not every good Anime is supposed to be linear and straight forward . So , here we are with the most interesting and escalated plot in the manga or manhwa history . ‘ God Of Highschool Anime’ also called GOH anime .

~~ Cast and Characters~~

God of Highschool Anime highlights the existence of 3 characters in particular. Jin Morie in the main lead . Daewi Han as a supporting male character and Yuu Mira as a supporting female character . These three are shown as strangers in first few episodes , but later turn out to be the best-friend trio .

The male lead , Jin Morie is a very rambunctious and enthusiastic child . and thus , is voiced surprisingly well by Tachibana Tatsumaru sensei . The male support , Daewi Han is a very practical and calm character. and is brilliantly voiced by Kumagai Kentarou Sensei .


On the contrary , Female support Yuu Mira is also very active and responsible character . and is voiced by none other than Ohashi Ayaka San ( <3) . There are a number of characters and I’m surprised the way every character has its own significance . in god of highschool Anime . But nonetheless , we have Jaegal Taek , as a probable main antagonist . and some other honorable mentions like Park illupyo and Jin Taejin .

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~~ Twist and Turns , Guess Who Burns ? ~~

As I said before , the true essence of Shonen lies with the fact that the developments are crazy to be true . Similarly , in God of Highschool , our ever-so normal looking Jin Mori , is made to consume a fruit . A fruit that isn’t supposed to be consumed by normal humans . Or else immense power flows in their body resulting in deformation and eventual death.

But guess what ? Our main character survives the ‘Divine Fruit‘ . And Then the story unfolds . to reveal that our main protagonist , Who seemed ever-so normal and very humane , turns out to be a Demi God or of sorts.


Not a God which resides in Heavens and Neither a god who rules over the hell , But a very notorious God named as Monkey King . Named in manhwa as JaechongDaesong . But he’s not the only thing that’s unusual In the God Of Highschool Anime .

In God of Highschool Anime , the Humans who are the awakened beings , possess the  probability to form a contract of sorts with god , demi gods and demons . To borrow some amount of their power , called as ‘Charseok’ .

Mira’s Charyeok

This in simpler terms , serves as a borrowed power But this plot twist  hits hard when you consider that everyone is just borrowing some amount of power from the god . But, our MC Jin Mori is the literal reincarnation of God . In the form of a human . Which means , he is a god , and he is literally a god amongst lowly humans .

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~~ The Story So far , Far from the Origin ~~

So , as far as the 11 episodes of God of Highschool anime goes , the story has progressed far from the origin . Although the story omits lot of main story from the manhwa . But as far as the animation goes . I have no problem with MAPPA studios .


The Story skips very minor fight sequences and more -or- less focuses on fastening the story to fit the 11 episode mark. There may have been various issues , various constraints that resulted in the unconventional eleven episode Anime . But , reconsidering all the constraints and barriers that might have had fallen onto their shoulders , God of Highschool Anime , is certainly a blind hit .

The manhwa is freking 514 chapters long , and running which is neither a joke to read , nor a joke to animate . The MAPPA studios might have considered it as a one shot anime , and the future progressions are still unknown . Then Anime drops the season 1 of God Of Highschool Anime at a cliff hanger.

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The grandfather of Jin Morie is show kidnapped by the Antagonist group , and Jin Mori is yet to gain the memories of the god , JaechongDaesong . This cliffhanger is kind of enough to consider watching the God Of Highschool Anime Season 2.

~~ What Season 2 Has to offer ? ~~

Now , as the season 1 of God of Highschool drops the anime at a cliffhanger . Pretty Obviously , the Season 2 starts with Jin Morie Packing up on a journey , To the land of JaechongDaesong . There he comes across his past as a god , and then unravels the secret behind his existence .

And a new journey begins . The constant Distress between the God , Demons and Humans , is shown to escalate and reach the epitome of Madness in God of Highschool Manhwa. The God Of Highschool anime Season 2 will uncover the secrets . And is sure to pack tons of plot twists and story shifts that may not be easy to digest for most audience.

Jin Mori fighting Zeus

But surely the God Of Highschool Anime Season 2 will packs tons of actions , tons of Actions , tons of plot twists and yeah , a lot and a lot of fighting . Imagine humans fighting against gods! Truly Magnificent the God Of Highschool Manga really is.

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~~ Sayonara ~~

The God of Highschool Anime was truly a blessing to my eyes , and I’m sure , many of the other viewers feels the same . The uncompromised animations , the seamless fight and action scenes surely brought goosebumps to my spine . Surely , this is a one shot anime of 11 episodes .

And one mustn’t compromise this . This was a great viewing experience and I’m sure you will enjoy this too.


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