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Educational Anime That You Must Definitely Watch!

Educational anime, when done correctly, may both teach and entertain about a topic. When the entertainment component is lacking, though, everything falls apart.

Anime, like any animation, has the ability to teach as well as entertain.

While many authors utilize the medium to impart arcane moral teachings, others take the concept of teaching much more literally.

Anime has been used to teach children and adults about the world we live in for as long as it has existed.

So let’s see the list of some educational anime that we all should definitely watch.

1. Dr. Stone

educational anime

The story revolves around a mysterious light that transforms every human on the globe into stone one day.

After 3,700 years, Senku Ishigami, returns from his petrified form onto a “Stone World”. Then he seeks to un-petrify humanity and restore civilization using SCIENCE!

2. Cells At Work

educational anime

This educational anime presents the human body as being anthropomorphized, and it resembles communities and industries.

The Mc’s are Red blood cell that frequently gets lost while transporting oxygen or nutrients to various parts of the body. And White blood cell that fights off any infections that Red commonly encounters.

3. Silver Spoon

educational anime

The plot revolves around Hachiken, the main character, flees his city life and his stern parents to attend an agricultural school, believing that life in the country will be easier.

Hachiken chose this school because he was tired of always working hard in his academics to meet his parents’ expectations.

He figured he’d sail through his courses full of “country bumpkins. “When he learns about the arduous effort that goes into agriculture, he is shocked.

He can’t keep up with the country kids who grew up in his neighborhood.

4. Sound! Euphonium

educational anime

This educational anime chronicles the challenges and tribulations that a high school band faces as they devote their high school years to rehearsing for nationals.

The anime follows Kumiko Oumae, a first-year student who plays the Euphonium, a brass wind instrument, as she gets to know the rest of the symphonic band.

5. Bakuman

educational anime

Bakuman is the most financially successful show in this category. It shows the manga publishing industry and allows fans to experience the many challenges that aspiring mangaka endure on their way to realizing their ambitions.

The show also serves as an educational tool, introducing viewers to every stage of the publishing process deeply.

While any anime about manga is destined to have rose-colored glasses on the subject, Bakuman isn’t shy to point out the industry’s flaws—sometimes to sad effect.

6. The Royal Tutor

royal tutor

In a literal sense, The Royal Instructor is an educational series in which five princes each have their own private tutor in the castle.

This is to help each prince prepare for “the throne” if they ever become king.

It’s hard not to learn something from him because he’s such a clever, sensible guy, which is why this anime is educational in the first place.

By the end of the series, each prince has received formal education and has undergone extensive personal development in order to overcome his or her shortcomings. And as a result, you acquire valuable life lessons along the road.

7. Moyashimon


Moyashimon makes no pretense of being anything other than instructive, which can be detrimental at times.

The series, however, provides a wealth of information for anyone interested in microbes.

Tadayasu Sawaki, MC is given the power to sense microorganisms, which appear to him alone as cute mascot-like characters reminiscent of NHK’s Domo mascot.

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