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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC , A DLC Worth the PLAY ??

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC was the next big thing when it was announced back in January 17, 2020 .The very well renowned Video Game company, Bandai Namco , in January of 2017 released a game for common public. This game marked a revolutionary change in the gaming industry. Yes, we are talking about Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. However, the game is typically famous for ever-seamless and ever-surprising DLCs.

There are three DLCs with majority of likes. All the three of them were like a surprise on a Christmas eve. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC will surely uncover the anime aspect of DBZ with the free hand play feature of Games.

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The story of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC varies from version to version but they all share the same origin story. The Dragon Ball Z Kakarot displays the most anticipated adaptation from anime to game. However, the original story board is very immersive, the side quests including never-before-seen story moments make it much more unprecedented.

The player can navigate through the iconic DRAGON BALL Z battles on a scale unlike any other. The players can fight across various battlefields with ever destructing environment and seamless fight duels. The levelling up feature grants the user to experience the game at different stages at different skill levels.

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~~Goku aka Kakarot Fury~~

As the name of the game Dragon Ball Z Kakarot suggests, the main character is Goku aka Kakarot. but, out of the ordinary, the game is not just about fights and Duels. The Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC include immersive first person experience where the user live, fish, fly, eat, train and battle like the way they want as Goku.

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This immersive and seamless experience extends from main games to the DLCs . The user/Player will experience the Goku’s Way in the First and Second DLC(s) which focuses primarily on strengthening Goku and his counterpart Vegeta. But , The Game takes an unexpected turn in the Third DLC.

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~~The Tragedy of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC 3 ~~

The game is Goku centric , But , the timelines turns the table on the original story board. In Trunks’ Timeline , Goku gets an infectious Heart disease and **Dies** . So , there is no Goku to counter Android Menace. Only Trunks and Gohan are the remaining alive Saiyans seeking the revenge and striving to stay alive to fight against oppression.

SO , Long story short , in future DLCs, there is no Goku . This fact may change if Trunks visits back in the main timeline where Goku is still alive. But , the chances of Goku to reappear In the current timeline is close to nothing. This fact itself is highly criticized among the users/players of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot , so I’m unsure what the future holds for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC .

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