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Demon Slayer Movie is ready to overtake the Your Name’s Box Office Record

Demon Slayer Movie as been within the headlines for a month is currently slaying all the records because of its film and its high-flying box office gross. Despite the pandemic, the feature is earning cash at a rate we have ne’er before seen in Japan. In fact, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Mugen Train is breaking all the box office records made by different movies , and it’s on the point of overtake a foothold that Your Name secured on the box office.

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According to a brand new update from the sources, Demon Slayer Movie has attained a walloping $223.6 million USD throughout its run. The film debut last month to essential acclaim, and it even managed to prime the world box office that weekend. In fact, the film has been able to repeat such results, and its quest to squash box office records has been even as productive.

Demon Slayer Movie Nearly Busted the Your Name's Box Office Record

With its current total, Demon Slayer is hazardously on the point of taking a brand new spot at the Japanese box office. It’s presently the fifth highest-grossing film within the domestic market, however it’ll certainly take over Your Name. After all, the 2016 film complete its domestic run with a complete gross over $239 million USD.

Once Demon Slayer makes that hurdle, there are more for the film to jump over. Frozen taking up the third spot in this run with Titanic on the second spot on this prestigious list being Spirited Away on the top of the list as the Studio Ghibli movie earned nearly $295 million USD in Japan following its debut in 2001.

What do you think about this movie update and it’s Record? Do you think this film will bust through all the records made by Your Name? Do share your thoughts and let us know in the comments section below .

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