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Deaimon Manga Set To Get an Anime Adaptation in 2022!

It’s a light hearted, fun and very cutely designed Manga. Deaimon Manga is set to get an anime adaptation. A very light hearted and fun oriented environment portrayed in an anime is such a delight. Deaimon manga revolves around a family drama involving the family’s Sweet shop Ryokshou.

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~~ Deaimon: Culmination of million magic ~~

A seinen Demographic anime, Deaimon marks it’s beginning with the return of our main character Nagumo Irino. As soon as Irino returns to Kyoto, he is deliberate and eager to take over his father’s sweet shop. Little did he know, father has already deemed Itsuka Yukihira to be the successor? Now, Irino is asked by his father to act as a father figure to Itsuka and guide her how the shop operates.

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While Nagumo was chasing his dream to be a musician or a band member, Itsuka started working in Ryokshou at the age of 10. Later Nagumo’s mom, who’s also the foster mother of Itsuka, declares that there would be a competition between Itsuka and Irino to see who’ll overtake Ryoukshou.

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~~ 2022 Anime Confirmed? ~~

Deaimon Anime was announced to be animated and adapted from manga on 20th April 2021. It was later officially announced that studio ‘Encourage Films’ is going to produce the anime. Directed by Fumitoshi Oizaki and guided by author Yoshida Reiko, this anime is supposed to be premiered in 2022.

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With Shibuya Sakae looking over character designer and chief animation director, Deaimon is sure to leave everyone in an awe.

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