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Cowboy Bebop Netflix Adaptation Got Canceled After Season 1 Know Why?

The live-action adaptation of the Cowboy Bebop anime has been canceled by Netflix. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the drama starring Jon Cho as Spike Spiegel will not be renewed for a second season. The Hollywood Reporter speculated that the show’s poor response was the reason for its quick cancellation. Despite the fact that many Netflix shows are not renewed.

Cowboy Bebop netflix

Cowboy Bebop as the Netflix shows follows a crew of misfit bounty hunters commanded by Spike Spiegel (Cho). They searched for the galaxy’s most valuable criminals. Mustafa Shakir and Daniella Pineda co-starred as Spike’s faithful co-pilot Jet Black and highly accomplished bounty hunter Faye Valentine, respectively. The show premiered on November 19th.

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Cowboy Bebop received mixed reviews for its sluggish pacing and cheap-looking costumes and sets. And it also failed to capture the essence of what made the 1996 anime one of the genre’s best examples. After failing in the early episodes, The Verge’s Andrew Webster stated the show grew on him, while I, a Cowboy Bebop superfan, believed the show took some strange but exciting chances.

The live-action adaption was announced in 2018, however, it was postponed for about a year. Due to an ACL injury sustained on set by John Cho, followed by the pandemic. Cho tweeted this GIF with the words “I’m okay” after the news broke.

After releasing multiple trailers and a video of the opening title sequence, which was a shot-for-shot replica of the anime’s classic opening theme, Cowboy Bebop aired three weeks ago. The abrupt end of the show will leave several plotlines unfinished (Radical Edward! ), but at the very least, we now have new Yoko Kanno music to appreciate, so the show’s cancellation isn’t completely pointless.

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