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Chainsaw Man Manga : Plot, Spoilers and Future !!

So, there are demons. Demons are bad. Demons are anti-social activists. So to stop them, we need demon hunters. And guess what? Our main character becomes a demon hunter. I don’t know for good or for bad. But that’s how the story of Chainsaw Man Manga goes on.

The starting of the manga is way too absurd. At the beginning of chainsaw man manga we reconcile over the fact that our main character has sold a lot of body parts to repay debt. The main character’s name is Denji. Mine’s not that great, so not going to comment on that name.

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But unfortunately, Denji’s Father was a pathetic piece of trash and has tons of loans and debts. However, Denji’s father committed suicide leaving all the debts over Denji’s head.

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~~ Story Theory: Chainsaw Man Manga ~~

Following the death of Denji’s Father’s death, the loan sharks insisted Denji to do whatever in order to repay the debt. Denji was struggling near his father’s corpse and there he found a demon, I guess there are good demons after all. The demon was injured. So, Denji helped him get cured. Then, this demon became Denji’s Familiar. But, soon after Denji and his familiar are attacked and were shredded to thin bits. But soon the demon remembers the sworn words and fuses with Denji to give him a new life.

So, now I’m really confused to call this a story of Denji’s Rise or just another Jujutsu Kaisen with added steps. Anyway, so after fusing with his familiar named Pochita, Denji receives demonic powers and is able to create saws out of nowhere and from here came the name of this manga, Chainsaw Man manga.

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Soon after the ‘demonic union’ between Denji and Pochita is completed, they thrash the opposing party and completely annihilates them. Later comes the so called ‘Public Safety Devil Hunter Association’ people and assess the scene. There on, Denji becomes one of the member of Public Safety Devil Hunters.

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This woman named Makima introduces Denji to the association and make amendments. Soon after Denji becomes a full-fledged Demon Hunter and so is how the legacy turn out to be.

~~ Chainsaw Man Manga getting adaptation? ~~

Chainsaw man found anime breakthrough when Mappa studios announced the anime in late February. The Studio released a teaser trailer on late June as a remainder of the anime. From the first looks of it the animation looks sick and the fight scene do resemble the anime quite a bit.

The original listed genre of anime includes famous tag as shounen and horror coupled with thriller and some other minor tags. Mappa Studios producing a horror anime is just a cherry on the top. Considering the jaw dropping and marvelous animation scenes from Jujutsu Kaisen, no doubt Chainsaw man will surely show us something incredible.

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Talking about the credibility of chainsaw man anime, most viewers are deemed to be excited as attack on Titan was halted for this anime to be in full-fledged production. It’s more or less a predicament as the production output looks very reminiscent of Jujutsu Kaisen. The Artwork is over the roof and the fight scenes what makes the anime ‘Most-anticipated’.

~~ Spoilers? No? Yes? Ok…. ~~

The latest chapter of chainsaw man manga have….. Dogs? Yeah, apparently Chainsaw man manga’s latest chapter starts with a lot of dogs and around this scene there is an off vibe. Then main character Denji comes across realization that the organization never saw him as a Human.

And apparently Makima is DEAD. But, for some reason or other, there is a new character which is a Demon from China and is supposedly possessing the memories of Makima. Her name is stated as ‘Nayuta’. Pochita, Denji’s familiar talks to Denji about Nayuta’s condition and suggests Denji to form contracts of equals.

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There occurs a new demonic beast next morning and Denji beats him marking the end of Season 1. Thus the Part 1: Public Safety Arc saw its end with Chapter 97.

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