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Amazing Anime Arriving On Disney Plus

Disney Plus unveiled many new titles from the Asia-Pacific region during the APAC Content During the APAC Content Showcase, Disney Plus presented a slew of new titles from the Asia-Pacific area. For the first time, Disney Plus will stream upcoming anime titles alongside over 18 new episodes.

In comparison to Netflix or Hulu, Disney Plus has a limited amount of anime content. The majority of the titles it now possesses are anime adaptations of well-known Marvel characters such as Iron Man and Wolverine.

Even Disney-distributed Studio Ghibli films which are usually available on HBO Max. Star Wars: Visions, which was recently launched, at least adds to the game’s limited variety.

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Here are the four new anime series that will be available on the streaming service. But there is currently no word on when the four new anime will be released in international regions.

All four series are set to premiere on Disney+ in Japan in 2022. But it’s unclear when they’ll be available to stream in the United States and elsewhere.

Anime fans, on the other hand, have a lot to look forward to from Disney+.

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall

This anime Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall is based on the popular Japanese franchise Black Rock Shooter.

In 2007, artist Ryohei “Huke” Fuke created character concepts for the series. Black Rock Shooter, the main character, is a mysterious 15-year-old girl with a burning blue eye and a gigantic cannon capable of shooting up to 20 rocks per second.

After a music video animation for Supercell’s Vocaloid Hatsune Miku song “Black Rock Shooter” went viral, Huke’s desire to design a girl with a weapon grew into a franchise. Black Rock Shooter is back for a new series after previous anime and video game adaptations.

Summer Time Rendering

Summer Time Rendering is a Japanese anime series based on the same-named manga series.

It was published in the manga magazine and app Shonen Jump+ from October 2017 to September 2021. It also became one of the platform’s most popular manga, with over 130 million page views.

Yasuki Tanaka, the author of Kagijin, has previously collaborated with Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of My Hero Academia, on the manga.

Yojohan Time Machine Blues

Yojohan Time Machine Blues is a follow-up to the critically praised 2010 anime The Tatami Galaxy, which follows a university student trapped in a time loop as he tries to live out the ideal college life.

Science SARU, who previously animated the equally well-known Devilman Crybaby, will be animating the new show.

Twisted Wonderland

Twisted-Wonderland, a Disney property from its inception, is based on a popular Japanese mobile game in which players attend a wicked school with Houses based on legendary Disney villains such as Scar (The Lion King) and Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty).

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