Adult Anime That Older Teens Should Definitely Watch

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There are a ton of adult anime that are R rated or above and many of them can be classified as hentai. Not to mention about the violence and gore scenes that on different level too.

Adult anime can be disturbing at times but that is not the reason one can abandon watching adult anime. They are far from innocent but can show the truth of reality in form of anime.

They can be Echhi, contain the deep dark secrets, explicit content and psychological traits. All the more reason to watch some serious Adult anime.

So let’s see what those adult anime are:

26. Monster

Getting started with the anime Monster, one of the most underrated adult anime that can hit variety of the part.

The plot follows the doctor who made a mistake by saving the life of a kid who later turns out to be a serial killer. From weighing the heavy guilt, he decided to look for him.

This anime is sure for mature teens who like to explore different genre.

25.  How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Isekai anime “How Not To Summon A Demon Lord” is on the ecchi side. The reason why this anime is in the list because it has some obscene scenes and is for 17+ teens.

Fan service is high and the craze among the fan is unmatched.

The plot is like a typical Isekai where Mc is transported in different world and harem follows him there.

Comedy is good leading to various Ecchi scenes.

24. High School of the Dead

High School of the Dead is about the bunch of teenagers who try to protect themselves for zombies apocalypse.

The ugly bloodshed, dark side of character and ecchi scenes are more the top notch here. Fighting scenes are like the cream over the cake.

Have a look and you won’t be disappointed.

23. Sekirei 

Sekirei, another harem anime which has a huge fan following. The Ecchi element is sufficient and kissing is like next to none in this anime.

This anime treats the woman as object and prizes, mildly entertaining with lots of nudity. Humor is quite good too.

If you’re into Ecchi and Harem genre this anime is good for you.

22. Gangsta

Gangsta is quite different from the above anime. This Adult Anime is a Seinen anime which has lots of fights, action and drama.

Sex, violence and adult themes is engraved in each episode of this anime. Clearly, this anime is for older teens.

The plot follows the two protagonist who are mercenaries and people called them ‘Handymen‘. Later a prostitute joined their team and their adventure began.

A good anime to change the mood.

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21. Heaven’s Lost Property

Very close to Ecchi, this anime will itch you to watch it. This anime has a good humor and will engage you to watch the full series.

Heaven’s Lost Property follows the lad, Tomoki Sakurai who wants to live peacefully untill and unless he encounters Ikaros, an Angeloid who fell from the sky.

Have a look at this picture and decide whether you want to watch it or not.

20. Deadmen Wonderland

Deadmen Wonderland is about the underaged children to play life and death games in the prison. That sums up the plot.

The level of brutality and violence and the bloodshed is fitting in the list. Every character shown is insane and has a bloodlust of his own.

19. Bungou Stray Dogs

Another Anime off the track yet so pleasant to watch. Bungou Stary Dogs is a supernatural anime with the adult content.

Tons of characters shown in the anime is weird, eccentric and mysterious. The level of voilence and bloodshed demand for the older teens.

Not for kids that I’m sure.

18. Parasyte

Parasyte as the name suggests is about the parasite who tries to control over the brain of the protagonist but fails and takes over his hand instead.

Beyond the plot, this anime touches the other mature topics and quite a messed up scenes later on.

17. To Love Ru

To Love Ru is one of the bold anime I have ever seen. I personally think that this anime shown the deep bond between the characters masked with some intense ecchi scenes.

The show itself has a fair share of adults themes and intimate scenes that is not suggestive for the kids below 17 year of old.

But if you’re old enough, then this anime will hit you differently.

16. Black Lagoon

Another anime based on gangster yet it has a fan service and much more entertaining whether its plot or its action.

This anime is gritty, dark, and bred straight from the gutter, even the protagonist is born and bred in gutter of New York.

If you like dark theme adult anime then Black Lagoon will not disappoint you.

15. Owari No Seraph

Owari No Seraph is one of the best demon and vampire anime loved by the fans. From the first episode itself, it hooks you in and let your all attention dive into this anime.

Again bloodshed and cruelty shown in the anime is not at all for kids.

14. Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill is certified as R rated or above because of its violence, maturity, and the level of brutality shown in the anime.

It’s not the type of show that tries too hard to be violent or ecchi. It’s more like the natural series with great plot, and the dark theme.

It is quite genuine and one of the best anime ot there.

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13. Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki is one of those shows which either you love it r hate it. There’s nothing in between.

Right from the first episode you will find that this adult anime is full of violent scenes, gore themes, lot of murders, stalkers and blood. This anime has its own dark element that will haunt you.

This anime will mess you up, watch it on your own risk. As for me I enjoyed it.

12. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven! isn’t my favorite. I don’t even like it. But the uncomfortable ecchi and outrageous scenes make it worth mentioning.

Some scenes are too intense and visuals has too much erotic scenes to be watching with little kids. It would be wrong to suggest otherwise.

We’re talking about nudity and other things of that nature.

11. Shinmai Maou no Testament

Most of you might be knowing this anime in the list. It is quite famous for its nude show in its episodes. There are lots of uncensored bossom shots too.

I won’t spoil the fun for you so have a look and as for the plot I personally like the storyline with great action.

It highlights the other nature of the character too.

10. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is much more than what it seems. Don’t judge it by the character. This anime covered some real dark cruelty of human world.

One of the scene contains the exploitation of dog, beaten to death followed by the brutal murder of the culprits.

This anime shows the true nature of human and how cruel one person can become.

9. Jujutsu Kaisen

This ongoing series swept the floor with its plot and the animation. Jujutsu Kaisen does an amazing job as a new anime series released in late 2020.

Not to mention this anime in its very first episode shows an amazing twist in the plot and didn’t shy away from being an gore and adult anime.

Violence in the anime is undeniable and it is truly a R rated series.

8. Tokyo Ghoul

This anime is based on ghouls and its fight with people and its organization. As you can see, this anime is gore and the MC is tortured till he become cold hearted and overpowered.

Violence is ever ending, fights and action is sufficient, a little bit of love is present too and lots of bloodshe. That sums up the highlights of the anime.

I personally like the opening song of this anime, a masterpiece, indeed but of course, not for the kids.

7. Prison School

The graphic portrayal of nudity with lots of panties an

d bra’s shot this anime is not suitable for any age group. Certain adult themes are spot on in this anime.

The characters appeared in this anime id quite funny and nice. They will keep you busy in the entire plot and you can easily binge watch this anime.

I enjoyed this more than I expected. The comedy is not that bad.

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6.  Hellsing

Another anime from vampire and demons genre that is good beyond your imagination. This anime is based on a different world where supernatural beings bring destruction and havoc to the world.

It is violent anime and you should watch it if you’re old enough. Worth a shot if your older teens i.e. 17 or more years of age.

5. High School DxD

A treat to your eyes, no doubt in that. High School DxD contains explicit scenes full of nudity, bossom and butts shots.

If you’re older weebs then you must have watched this anime or if not you have most probably heard of this anime from the community or from the other weebs.

This anime is quite famous for its harem nudity and ecchi scenes.

4. Attack On Titan

No wonder that Attack on Titan will be in top five list.

The first episode is horrifying as hell and raises the bar too high for the normal teens. Its saddening and soul crushing anime.

It overdo sometimes killing each and everyone and making it much more worse than it should be.

3. Haganai

Haganai is weird respected to others in a list. It gives the different vibes from the other adult anime.

The plot is about making friends and dealing with loneliness. And for doing so this anime took help from ecchi, nudity and profanity.

Overall, I don’t recommend this anime if you’re below 17.

2. Code Geass

Does this anime even need an introduction? I think no, everyone should have watched this anime.

This anime is rather ruthless and evil despair that will follow you until you finish this anime.

It’s bitter, disgusting, raw, immoral and loving all at the same time. And you will either love it or hate it but the longer you watch it you will understand what this anime has to offer.

1. Food Wars

Ready for some tasty foo to fuel it up? Yes, you guess it right. This anime is all about cooking with a glimpse of nudity.

It has a huge fan following and it didn’t shy away from using the ecchi means to fuel them up.

Have a fun watching this anime.

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