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7+ Dark Anime Series that will Amaze you

Dark anime can be categorized by violent, deep, sexual content. Some of them shows the brutal and horrific scenes which can mess you up from inside. It comes under the supernatural, horror and psychological genre.

Dark anime

Why should we watch Dark Anime Series? It is a show that will keep you up at night, diving in variety of horrific visions and how to protect you in those unkind situations. It explores the :

  • Depth of human cruelty
  • Harsh conditions of nature
  • Unspoken monsters that are lurking beneath the surface of our seemingly peaceful society
  • Sexually exploited beings and much more.

If you’re into some of the dark anime series then check out this list:

8. The Promised Neverland

The promised neverland drak anime

The Promised Neverland is a great anime to start the list. The dark environment brought up in this anime is amazing. The horrific situation revealed in episode one is really shocking.

The evil circumstances in which all the children are raised to become the food of higher being i.e. to the so called monster without knowing seems appealing. A great show to start the dark series.

7. Parasyte-The-Maxim


Parasyte-The-Maxim is a horror, psychological genre based anime. The deep connection between the main protagonist and the parasite was something new which I have seen.

The anime contains the disturbing, dark visuals which is sure take over the plot. Overall the anime was good, the animation is well carried out.

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6. Berserk


The anime Berserk follows the story of the man Guts who calls himself “Black Swordman“. Though the genre is kind of romance accompanied by Demons, Supernatural, Seinen, Action, Adventure.

The brutal scenes, sexually exploit scenes makes this anime a dark anime. Once you go deeper into the anime it becomes ugly, disgusting and unpleasant.

5. Another


Another is an anime which follows the mysteries of death of teacher and studentsat random in Yomiyama North Middle School. Because of a dangerous event that occurred in the past.

The main character is satisfying enough to watch this entire show. Don’t expect much from the plot also but overall this anime deserve to be in fifth place.

As far as gore, this anime takes it to the extreme. And death is both vile and obscene.

4. Devilman Crybaby

dark anime

Ready for the sexually vile scenes with obscene deaths? This anime covers this content quite well. Devilman Crybaby follows the story of Akira who becomes the Devilman i.e. half human and half devil.

This anime is violent, incredibly dark but at the same time it is sad also. It uses its dark element to prove a very important point about human nature.

3. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Child abuse id banned in world but this anime shows it like a second nature to human cruelty. Elfen Lied is the first dark anime I had seen. Nude scenes are pretty common too with extreme violent deaths.

Lucy, the protagonist of this anime is the consequence of the failed human experiment, who escape the human laboratory.

This anime is depressing as hell, a bit sad with a pinch of romance.

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2. Future Diary

Future Diary Dark anime

This anime is more like a psychological anime rather than horror anime. Like others it contains all the elements it required to be in this list.

Future Diary follows the game to decide the next god. Aside the protagonist Yuno Gasai is clingy and dangerously insecure.

1. School Days

School Days

I dropped this anime in between because it is too dark for me. And thus it gain the first spot in this anime. This is a romance anime with a maddening horror and seriously messed up plot twist.

I’m not even sure there’s an anime as gore and gritty as this. Especially not within the romance genre. It’s an understatement to say it’s crude.

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