5+ Dere Types In Anime & Manga That Will Surely Amaze You!!

“Dere” refers to an archetype given to different characters having certain traits and personalities in anime and manga. Each types of Dere has a unique element that defines its characteristics.

Many types of dere have been seasoned in ages who have different qualities based on their type. This list will look at those types of Dere.

7. Tsundere

Starting off our list with Tsundere, they might look like the most common type of dere to ever featured in anime and manga. 

These are characters that are found to act hostile or indifferent to the people they like. Many Tsundere have these strange personalities.

This type of dere can pop up in just about any type of anime out there.

6. Yandere

Yandere is also one of the most well-known types of dere present in the anime industry. They are those anime characters who can kill other people for their love.

They just don’t kill everyone but will kill anyone who gets too close to their beloved. Tons of action and horror anime features this type of character, and it is quite easy to spot them.

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5. Deredere

These types of dere are known for their sweetness. They are often found in romance or comedy anime where a character has crushes or in love with someone.

They are completely in love wither everything and mostly featured in the shojo genre and are rarely seen outside of it.

4. Shundere

The Shundere are those types of dere that suffer from depression and are sad throughout their screen time. They usually don’t have a reason to be sad but have a depressing aura around them.

Their presence in the anime makes a situation more relatable, yet kind of assuring to the viewers.

3. Sadodere

The Sadodere is a character that is known for their twisted personality that allows them to manipulate in sadistic ways.

These characters get pleasure from putting their loved ones in tight situations that either causes them pain or humiliation and draws enjoyment from it.

This type of pain can harm them both physically or emotionally. Sadodere lacks empathy for others but only take interest in those they value.

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2. Dandere

Dandere is known for their an easy to love personality. They are considered to be shy characters who take their own time to open up before the main character once they are comfortable around, they can go to the greater length.

Thes type of dere are common in fit into any anime and manga but mostly featured in comedy or romance anime. 

1. Darudere

The first spot is taken by Darudere. These characters are hard to deal with. They are extremely lazy and don’t bother doing things and consider it to be a drag, even if it is for their own good.

Darudere can be featured in any series only if their characterisation fits well. Also, they don’t get much of a screen time.

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