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23+ Best Slice Of Life Anime Of All Time

Slice-of-life anime takes everyday situations to a whole new level with comedy, drama, romance, and more.

There’s something magical about seeing little events from everyday life brought to life on TV.

In a slice of life anime, we frequently witness characters who are similar to ourselves, dealing with everyday problems and going about their daily lives.

There isn’t a strict emphasis on tight narratives or a lot of action.

Here are some series and episodes to watch if you’re seeking for some slice-of-life anime with hints of romance, comedy, or even magic.

24. Usagi Drop

Daikichi discovers that his grandfather had an illegitimate kid named Rin after his grandfather passes away.

The entire family is taken aback by the news, and they reject Rin at her father’s burial, causing Daikichi to adopt the young girl.

Putting aside a tense first episode, Bunny Drop immediately settles into a lovely rhythm as it deftly depicts Daikichi and Rin’s budding connection.

This anime is a beautiful storey about two people who find consolation in each other.

23. Natsume’s Book of Friends

Natsume, who has the ability to perceive Yokai, inherits a book from his grandmother that contains the names of many spirits.

This gives the owner of the book influence over the Yokai, making it a highly favoured possession in the spirit realm.

Natsume’s Book of Friends contains all the trappings of an action series on the surface, with one major exception: Natsume intends to release the Yokai by returning their names.

Natsume’s Book of Friends moves at a leisurely and steady pace, with the exception of the occasional dramatic surge courtesy of a flashback or an unusually violent Yokai.

This anime is serene, heartfelt, and exquisite.

22. Higehiro

Sayu Ogiwara, a girl who ran away from home, is the protagonist of Higehiro. And then there’s Yoshida, the man who takes her in by chance.

Sayu is 17 years old, and he is 25 years old.

Sayu cooks, cleans, and looks after the house after setting up the arrangements, while Yoshida goes about his business as a programmer.

Since its release in Japan, and to a lesser extent in the rest of the world, the anime has sparked debate.

The plot, setting, and writing style are all satisfying and will introduce you to something fresh in the romance/drama genre.

21. K-On

Did you believe this list would be complete without K-On?

K-On is without a doubt the uncontested king of slice-of-life anime. As an animation studio, Kyoto Animation operates in this manner.

There is no plot, and it is the literal meaning of “pretty girls doing cute things.”

Even yet, the animation is excellent, the humour is timeless, and, like many slice-of-life shows, it’s easy to adore since it’s so laid-back.

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20. Dagashi Kashi 

You’re in for a real treat if you’re seeking for something food-related.

A “dagashi” shop is the focus of this anime series (a shop that sells cheap sweets and candies).

The shop’s owner’s son, Kokonotsu, has no interest of running the business because he wants to be a manga artist.

One day, a woman named Hotaru Shidare appears, hoping to recruit Kokonotsu’s father to work for her family’s Shidare Corporation, an internationally renowned sweets company.

Only if she can persuade Kokonotsu to take over his shop would the father agree.

Given the rarity of dagashi stores, this heartwarming depiction of Japanese society reveals a facet of Japanese culture that you may have otherwise overlooked.

19. Sakura Quest

Yoshino Koharu is the protagonist of Sakura Quest. A girl who is having difficulty finding work in Tokyo ends up working in a remote area by chance.

The anime is set in Manoyama, a real-life Japanese hamlet. And the plot’s goal is to resurrect “Manoyama” and lure tourists to the long-forgotten settlement.

There are around 5 main female characters in the storey. Each has their own unique style and personality.

You are welcome to watch this with someone other than yourself.

18. The Ancient Magus Bride

The Ancient Magus Bride is a lovely slice of life anime with animation quality akin to Violet Evergarden.

It’s about Hatori Chise, an orphan with exceptional abilities who has spent her entire life being refused and rejected because of “who” she is.

The first wave of this series begins off great, but the second half, depending on your perspective, slacks down a little.

However, it is still worthwhile to recommend.

17. Horimiya

Horimiya is the all-time most-watched romantic comedy debut.

It was one of the most popular anime series of the Winter 2021 season, because to its pleasant and approachable characters.

It’s both down-to-earth and, for a slice-of-life anime, has some rather hot moments.

This show is unexpectedly enjoyable to watch because it lacks the artificial drama of other relationships.

16. Tamako Market

This anime is produced by Kyoto Animation, is a sweet tale about Tamako, the daughter of a businessman who produces Mochi for a living.

Tamako Market, unlike Sakura Quest, isn’t focused on a certain theme or plot. Aside from emphasising the daily life of living in a small town, doing business, a fat talking bird, school, and comedy, the film also features a fat talking bird.

But don’t let that deceive you. This is one of the most soothing anime episodes you’ll ever see.

You also don’t have to pay attention to what you’re watching… Because it’s so laid-back and straightforward.

15. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

Saiki K is a unique take on slice of life because it incorporates a fantastical aspect, superpowers, and an introverted protagonist who sees his skills as a hindrance.

Saiki K believes that all he wants to do is enjoy his life and not be bothered by anyone.

However, as you’ll see from the wacky comedy and nonstop parodies, this is just too much to ask.

14. Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys

With the term “daily lives” in the title, it’s clear that this is a slice-of-life anime.

Hidenori, Yoshitake, and Tadakuni are the three major characters in this programme, and they create their own storylines.

The scenarios can range from an epic RPG battle to anything else that a group of high school males might come up with.

It’s a lot of wacky fun, and it depicts what life is like for individuals who let go once in a while.

13. ReLife

ReLife is a relevant slice of life anime about adolescence and changing one’s life for the better.

Kaizaki Arata is fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to turn his life around and make amends for the sins he made as a young adult in Japan.

What follows is pure hilarity, as well as a poignant storey about a group of college students.

It can also get a little “dark” at times.

12. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is sheer entertainment, with a few tender moments thrown in every couple of episodes to break up the monotony.

The key distinction between this and other slice-of-life stories is that it focuses on a single human figure and human-like dragons.

Lucoa, a character clearly meant for fanservice, will provide some fanservice here. However, it’s a lot less than you’d anticipate from similar shows.

11. Himouto! Umaru Chan

Umaru, the troublesome young sister, and her elder brother, Taihei Doma, featured in Himouto Umaru Chan.

She is a two-faced character who lives a double life in order to meet people’s expectations.

Umaru Chan, like Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, is entertaining, and the humour will make you laugh.

Especially if you’re a video game fanatic like the MC.

10. Love, Chunibyo And Other Delusions

Chunibyo is the type of slice of life that makes you cringe and makes you want to put it down.

Or, at least, that was my experience until I gave it a second opportunity and thoroughly appreciated it.

Rika, a teen who believes she has superpowers, is the main character of the storey. Yuta, a male protagonist who becomes engrossed in Rika’s hallucinations.

In the second season of this series, things start to get a touch romantic.

9. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket contains a number of powerful or sorrowful moments that elevate it above the ordinary slice-of-life animation. As a result, if you’re hoping for a carefree series, this is not it.

Tooru Honda is an enthusiastic girl who finds up living with the Souma family in Fruits Basket.

While the family is normally friendly and hospitable, they have a dark secret.

Fruits Basket spends a lot of time building Tooru’s relationships with the Souma clan, especially Yuki and Kyou, and the anime does an excellent job of examining each of the primary characters.

8. Classroom Of The Elite

Classroom of the Elite is not your typical slice-of-life drama.

Why? It is more sinister than most. Within the first few episodes, you quickly realise this.

After all, as part of the school’s system and strict restrictions, pupils are obliged to compete with one another in order to survive and make money.

It’s a unique anime in its own right.

7. Hyouka

Hyouka is about Eru Chitanda, an annoyingly persistent girl, and Houtarou Oreki, a slacker.

They solve riddles and find answers to difficult topics together (with the help of other characters).

It’s almost as if they’re investigators.

The most surprising aspect of Hyouka is how engaging it is, despite the fact that the theme appears to be dull and uninteresting.

6. Toradora

Toradora is for fans of romantic dramas with “emotional” episodes.

It’s all about Ryuuji and Taiga at first.

Taiga is continually abusing Ryuuji.

However, as you become more immersed in this anime (if it does not compel you to abandon it), each character begins to evolve, and you discover more about their inner-struggles and backstories.

Later in the anime, unlike any other slice-of-life series you’ll ever see, the action picks up.

Toradora is a masterwork in the “slice of life” domain as a result. You should also watch it.

5. Orange

Toradora, for example, is an anime that focuses on the emotional hardships of romance (eventually).

Orange, on the other hand, focuses on depression, suicide, romance, guilt, and bullying. This distinguishes it from other slice-of-life shows.

Kakeru Naruse, like any “normal” person, is to blame for his mother’s death. He uttered something he shouldn’t have said the day she died.

And regret is slowly but steadily killing him from the inside out.

Keep in mind that this is a deep, significant series before you decide to watch. It becomes unsettling for obvious reasons.

4. Clanned

When it comes to romanticism and slice of life, Clannad is considered a “masterpiece.” And now that I’ve seen it, I agree.

Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa are the stars of the first season.

Nagisa is physically “weak,” and there’s a deeper reason for that. However, the first season of Clannad focuses more on having a good time, with a meaningful “strange” event.

Clannad transforms into something deep, tragic, and dripping with emotional baggage in Season 2.

So, if you’re thinking about watching Clannad, be sure to watch all seasons to get the complete tale and experience.

3. Anohana

Jinta Yadomi is a loner who avoids school in favour of playing video games at home.

However, one day, the ghost of his childhood friend Menma, who died in an accident five years earlier, arrives, pleading for assistance in fulfilling a request.

Jinta is soon reunited with his estranged boyhood friends as they attempt to unravel the mystery—and, in doing so, they must confront feelings that have been repressed for a long time.

This anime is regarded as a masterpiece since it conveys a sad storey in only 11 episodes.

2. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is a Kyoto Animation anime that knows how to portray emotional storylines.

Each episode focuses on Violet, the primary character, whose purpose it is to assist individuals in writing letters to the people they care about.

To bring them to a conclusion.

There are no words to express how amazing this anime is.

It’s even greater than Clannad in terms of emotional storytelling.

1. Your Lie in April

There is considerable drama in this series, as well as some significant heartbreak near the end.

Without giving anything away, the main character, Kosei Arima, is a musical prodigy who has lost his ability to hear his own music.

His piano abilities have deteriorated due to his rough relationship with his mother, but during their final days of middle school, Kosei meets an enthusiastic girl named Kaori who brings music back into his life.

It’s a unique journey that must be experienced to be believed.

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